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SARGODHA – Sargodha district administration has initially set up ‘heat stroke response camps’ at 74 locations in the district to provide medical facilities for heatwave affected patients in view of the current heatwave.

According to the district administration spokesperson, 17 heatstroke intervention camps have been set up in Sargodha tehsil, nine in Shahpur, eight in Bherah, nine in Bhalwal, 14 in Kot Momin, seven in Sahiwal and 10 in Salanwali tehsil.

Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Asghar Joiya called on people to take special precautionary measures to protect themselves from the dangers of heatstroke in the current heatwave.

Wear light colored clothes, don’t go out of the house unnecessarily and use vegetables, water and juices, he urged.

Eight detained for gambling

On Sunday, police arrested eight players and recovered their wager money.

Kotmomin Police raided and arrested Gull, Sajid, Waseem, Majid, Mazhar, Ghulam Mustafa and others as they were gambling and recovered Rs 16,500 in stake on their possession. A case was against the accused.

Fake caller detained

Police said on Sunday they arrested a man accused of making a false call from dacoity.

A citizen identified as Nasir called on 15 and informed that bandits had looted cash and valuables from his shop at gunpoint.

During the call, the Atta Shaheed Police team attended the scene and investigated the matter. During the interrogation, the police learned that the call from the dacoity was fake and Nasir called the police just to tease his rival.

Sargodha University awards gold medal to Iranian scholar

Sargodha University has awarded a Gold Medal to Dr. Mohammad Raza Naseeri, renowned Iranian historian, researcher, secretary of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature and renowned Persian writer and professor, in recognition of his valuable services in compiling an encyclopedia of the Indian Subcontinent and rearranging the ‘Tareekh-e-Farishta’.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof Muhammad Saleem Mazhar, awarded Prof Naseeri the gold medal at a ceremony here on Sunday. He said Iran and Pakistan have many commonalities in history, civilization and culture.

He said that Dr. Reza Naseeri played a key role in compiling not only the history of Iran but also the history of the Indian subcontinent and was instrumental in building the common historical and cultural ties between the peoples of Iran and Pakistan.

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