Artist Ali-Akbar Sadeqi hangs the results of his madness at the Tehran gallery

TEHRAN — A gallery in Tehran is holding an exhibition of works by veteran artist Ali-Akbar Sadeqi, which the artist considers representative of his mania for art.

The ideas for the colorful works of art featured in the exhibition titled “Mad” at the Parallel Circuit Gallery seem to come from the bliss of his childish imagination or the dreams that people have dreamed of, whether in childhood or in old age. adult life.

“Everyone always asks me how I do these paintings or how I think; I always tell them it’s because I’m crazy,” Sadeqi, 85, said.

“I never draw the beautiful flowers again,” he said with a sigh. “I no longer draw beautiful landscapes; I draw the dreams of those children whose fathers were martyred to obtain freedom from Iran.

These works of art that show the nature of children’s dreams may even scare them, but the bright colors he uses to create his works also arouse enormous excitement among visitors, ISNA’s Persian service said on Saturday. in a report.

Part of the exhibition, which will run until September 2, is dedicated to displaying Sadeqi’s mask-like sculptures that he produced based on his childish dreamy ideas.

The exhibition also hung a series of portraits of the artist attacking visitors.

The Iranian Artists Forum celebrated Sadeqi’s 84th birthday in November 2021.

Addressing the audience, he said: “I really love you, my homeland and its people.”

“I always swear on the Persian Gulf; my friends exaggerate about me; I am only a man, a painter; I love all people of all religions and beliefs,” he added.

A retrospective of Sadeqi was organized by the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMCA) in January and February 2018.

A collection consisting of his 200 paintings, sculptures, drawings, illustrations and a range of his rarely seen animated shorts were featured at the exhibition.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) in collaboration with the Shirin Gallery in Tehran organized an exhibition of works of art by Sadeqi in October 2016.

Earlier in March 2016, Art Dubai Modern, a major international art fair in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, featured works by the artist.

Photo: Art lovers visit Ali-Akbar Sadeqi’s “Mad” exhibition at the Parallel Circuit Gallery in Tehran on June 28, 2022. (Honaronline/Gata Ziatabari)


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