“Augustine: The Confessions” in Iranian bookstores

TEHRAN – Iranian publisher Chatrang recently published a Persian translation of “Augustine: The Confessions” by Gillian Clark.

Reza Alizadeh is the translator of the book, originally published in 2005.

Augustine’s “Confessions”, written at the end of the 4th century AD, are a highly significant text in the history of European culture.

Augustine explains how and why he came to abandon a successful career and the personal pleasures of a largely secular existence to follow a life of prayer and study, leading to a true understanding of God and the Bible.

The avowed approach of this introductory book is to “historicize” – to pit Augustine’s own experiences of religion, philosophy, and Christian faith against the long-standing political, cultural, and religious traditions of the classical world. .

Late Antiquity saw the transformation of the classical heritage and its transmission by Christian authors.

Augustine’s ideas about how texts can be presented and read, as well as how people respond to written and spoken language, find resonance in recent critical theory.

The world Augustine lived in, the structure, style and purpose of the Confessions, and the problems of rhetoric and truth posed by its author’s personal search for himself are all scrutinized in this lucid introductory account.

Clark is Professor Emeritus of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Bristol. She retired from the University of Bristol in 2010. Clark made significant contributions to the history, literature and religion of Late Antiquity.

Clark studied Greek and Latin language and literature, ancient history, and philosophy at Somerville College, Oxford. She obtained her Masters of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Oxford. She has taught at the universities of Glasgow, St Andrews, Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol.

She is currently working on a commentary for “City of God” by Augustine d’Hippo, under contract with Oxford University Press. She is a fellow of the British Academy and editor of the series “Translated Texts for Historians 300-800”, published by Liverpool University Press.

Photo: Cover of the Persian edition of “Augustine: The Confessions” by Gillian Clark.


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