Behnood Javaherpour, rising to the top as one of the best

Behnood Javaherpour is the strength of a designer who makes his unique name a rare pearl in the world of fashion, art and business. He is a determined and passionate 35-year-old who has fully immersed himself in the art world and now reigns as a successful fashion designer, art curator and philanthropist. His charm emerges from his work and people are driven by the creativity he possesses.

Sure, he was born into luxury, but he never let it define it. He forged his own path and successfully walked gracefully with his art. Only a handful of people manage to run their respective industries. They have gone ahead creating milestones in everything they choose to do in their life and career. His pure passion, combined with his creative skills in the world of fashion and art, is the main reason he is at the forefront of the industry.

Behnood Javaherpour is all about fashion and more, who admits he has hardly received any help from his family. The independent version of him is very evident by the actions he took on his journey to success. Instead, he chose to develop great friendships and build on his passion which turned out to be strong determination to make it a great success in his career and lead him to become a fabric broker. Behnood was born in Iran and raised between Italy and Paris. The fire in him that he felt for the art world can be attributed to his parents, where his father was already in the design and production of camping equipment, while his mother was an antique dealer, also involved in the textile world.

Things started to lighten up for Behnood at the age of 15, where he discovered a way to exchange fabric from Italy to Iran and across the United Arab Emirates. This led him to persuade a producer to sell him for € 25,000 worth of fabric for an Iranian client. Since then he has not had a look back as he had discovered his passion and has now become a big name in the world of fashion and art. He has also made his mark in the business world, having nine companies to his credit, where he manages the position of Managing Director, which includes the art dealer, real estate investment and also his clothing line, which he considers his passion.

The type of contacts he has developed over time has helped him make his fashion brand more attractive and recognized. Behnood is today the spearhead of its clothing brand named “Behnoode” and its art museum named “Behnoode Foundation”.

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