Iranian Architecture


Prime Minister Narendra Modi demonstrated strategic independence by ensuring that a message from him was conveyed to the new Iranian President, Ibrahim Raisi, by a figure just as important as Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar . The Trump administration has made a number of missteps based on an incorrect assessment of …

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Biden’s War Powers Without Limits

This week, the Biden administration launched three retaliatory airstrikes against Iranian-backed militias in Iraq and Syria. This is the second time that President Biden has authorized bomb Iranian proxies; the first time was in Syria just a few weeks after the start of his presidency. Taken together, the form of …

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Forging a future with rather than against Iran

The rise of hard-line president-elect Ebrahim Raisi has prompted some analysts to suggest counterintuitively that this could pave the way for a reduction in regional tensions and potential discussions over a Middle East security architecture. revamped, but going from A to B will probably be easier said than done. . …

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