Iranian Architecture

Otaghak, Rent a suite similar to Airbnb

While we all want to enjoy our trip without worry or conflict, one of the issues that can always bother us is finding a suitable place to stay. Of course, we often planned to travel, but we were worried about finding a convenient location in the destination city; Finding a …

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Why the Taliban takeover worries Africa

By AGGREY MUTAMBO The sudden, but not entirely unexpected, takeover of the Taliban in Afghanistan may seem a distant event from Africa, but leaders and security experts are thinking of the repercussions on a continent plagued by extremist militias inspired by the Taliban and their admirers. The Taliban, a child …

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Morning in the Middle East? by Fawaz A. Gerges

International relations evolve across the Middle East as regional powers adjust to the US retreat and growing influence from China. While the region may become the site of yet another great power competition, it also has a chance to pursue diplomatic overtures and new security agreements. LONDON – What about …

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