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This story first appeared in the Fall / Winter 2020 issue of Columbus Weddings, which was released in August 2020.

October 19, 2019 | Kayvon and Lauren Padidar didn’t hit it off right away when they met as Ohio State students. However, as they began to date and grow closer over the years, the two slowly realized that they had more than a passing friendship or fling on their hands. “I realized she was ‘the right one’ after we’d been together for a while and had some ups and downs,” Kayvon explains. “I saw how loyal, genuine and supportive she was through it all, and the rest was history!”

Kayvon wanted to think big with a proposal. “She loves mysteries and puzzles and riddles so I thought what could be more appropriate than a scavenger hunt?” He and Lauren’s mom secretly coordinated for months to plan an epic daylong adventure. On July 22, 2018, Kayvon planted a dozen clues across town, which guided Lauren through a day of healing, culminating at Columbus Park of Roses with Kayvon “sweating a storm” with the ring, the couple Harley’s dog and the final clue. Lauren says, “It was magical, truly the most unforgettable day of my life!

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BUSINESS LIVE: AstraZeneca takes over financial management of Alexion Fri, 04 Jun 2021 07:15:09 +0000

BUSINESS LIVE: AstraZeneca Calls on Alexion’s CFO; Universal Music could go public; Fastest-rate staff recruited last month on record

Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has poached the finance boss of its new Alexion Pharmaceuticals subsidiary, Aradhana Sarin, to replace Marc Dunoyer pending the conclusion of the £ 28 billion deal.

The world’s largest music label, Universal Music Group, is on the verge of closing a deal with billionaire investor William Ackman’s blank check company that would go public worth nearly $ 40 billion, have said two people familiar with the matter.

UK employers hired permanent staff last month at the fastest pace since record-keeping began, a KPMG survey showed, further sign the economy is rebounding quickly from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Drug giant AstraZeneca has poached the finance boss of its new Alexion Pharmaceuticals subsidiary, Aradhana Sarin, to replace Marc Dunoyer


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New stories from a rising generation of Iranian Americans make their braid debut Thu, 03 Jun 2021 03:39:56 +0000

Growing up, Iranian-Americans like Ora Yashar often saw themselves portrayed only as the Exotic Other: in his words, “either terrorists or Princess Jasmine.” But Yashar’s generation was raised in the United States – Iranian heritage living its own American histories. “Now we are bridging the gap between our old world and our new,” notes another millennial Iranian-American, Asal Akhondzadeh.

Yashar and Akhondzadeh are part of a plethora of Persian talent – writers, actors, musicians and, in Ora’s case, producer – of The Braid (formerly Jewish Women’s Theater) ‘s newest living room show, Persian Sunrise, American Sunset. . The autobiographical accounts of these Iranian-Americans will take dramatic life in four live performances on Zoom between June 19 and June 28. For dates, times and tickets visit:

The Braid offers a unique cultural experience at the intersection of storytelling and theater, in which true stories from writers of all professional backgrounds are brought to life by skilled actors and presented on stage or digitally.

Nine years ago, it was the first theater company to feature the stories of Iranian Jewish women, in Saffron & Rosewater, including powerful escape stories from the 1979 revolution. The hugely successful show included a performance. in front of more than 800 people at 92nd Street Y in New York City and sparked a desperately needed conversation in American Jewry about how the experiences of their Persian members had too often been overlooked.

Since then, the artistic director of The Braid, Ronda Spinak, began to notice that “in our emerging artist program called NEXT @ The Braid, we were starting to see stories of second generation Iranians, and their identity issues were different from those of the first generation.” Spinak felt that these voices, too, “deserved to be highlighted”. So she contacted Yashar, one of the emerging NEXT artists: “Ora impressed me with his keen sense of editing and adapting stories in the theatrical / narrative style of The Braid.”

Together, they decided to expand the focus on saffron and rose water. The Braid has long since decided to include stories of all genres, but Yashar suggested including non-Jewish voices as well – a bold move given The Braid’s mission to raise the voices of the Jewish community. But for Yashar, who grew up in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley and had Iranian friends from all walks of life, it was important that this show reflected that interfaith synergy.

It is a mixture literally embodied in Akhondzadeh, the child of a Muslim father and a Jewish mother. Her story tells how, as a freshman, she celebrates her first Passover Seder away from her family. As the Haggadah is read, she notices the differences in seder rituals between her fellow Askhenzai table and her Persian upbringing. And in her new post-9/11 world, she wonders how much of her old life she should reveal.

In a passage adapted from her memoir, Concealed, acclaimed writer Esther Amini recalls how her father fought to forget the horrors he faced in Iran by religious fanatics. In America, he couldn’t shake off his paranoia and distrust of strangers, but despite everything, his love for his daughter never wavered.

Farnoush Amiri, reporter for NBC News and NPR, tells how, as a teenager, she learned to hide the signs of her “otherness” – straightening her hair, eating American foods. But she can’t hide the lasting memories of the “extreme police” her family was subjected to by federal agents when they first moved to Orange County.

Another young woman remembers the night she and her family went from Iranian to Iranian-American. She recounts the challenges she now faces in her new life as her parents forbid her to join in normal teenage rituals: having a boyfriend, going to Burger King and shaving her legs … all behaviors that call into question its “purity”.

Next, a young gay man shares his struggle to exercise his power of attorney to end the life and suffering of his terminally ill mother, as he tries to forgive her for not loving her unconditionally.
These stories and many more like them will be performed by a cast including Iranian-American actors both veteran and new to The Braid.

As a director Susan morgenstern note: “We have a responsibility to present these stories through authentic voices of the Persian community. I am extremely proud of the concerted efforts we have made to find Persian actors – and these efforts have paid off!”

She is also enthusiastic about pushing the Zoom theater medium, after a year of adapting and innovating: “While there are challenges in mixing music and visual images in Zoom performances, we added more of the two to each successive show. We have two extremely talented singers in this cast, so I’m especially looking forward to bringing in some original and traditional Persian music, as well as some imagery that will highlight the stories. We will “braid” these elements together – stories, songs, images – to create a beautiful, cohesive and moving experience. “

This is one that writers like Esther Amini hope to resonate not only with the Iranian community, but also the world over: “The Braid informs and educates viewers about what it is to come from Persian culture. and at the same time to be raised in United States. It is an honor that my story is included on this show. “

Persian Sunrise, American Sunset will feature stories written by Esther Amini, Asal Akondzadah, Farnoush Amiri, Matthieu Nouriel and Dorit Nowparvar, Haideh Herbert and Elnaz Moghangard. Their stories will be interpreted by Nima Jafari, Niloo Khodadadeh and Ava Lalezarzadeh and will present musical performances by Pontea Banayan.

The production of Persian Sunrise, American Sunset is made possible in part by the generous support of the City of Santa Monica, the Y&S Nazarian Initiative of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, and the Robert Sillins Family Foundation.

Persian Sunrise, American Sunset will feature four live performances on Zoom from opening night from June 19-28. For dates, times and tickets visit:

The Braid (formerly Jewish Women’s Theater) is the 2020 winner of The Argonaut’s Best of the Westside “Best Live Theater Award” and the Santa Monica Daily Press Award for “Most Loved” in the live theater category. Her performances feature stories, artwork, and other inspiring Jewish programs that highlight Jewish contributions to contemporary life. Now in its 13th season (bat mitzvah), The Braid theater show, comprised of original dramatic performances, each written on a specific theme, showcases the diverse and eclectic community of writers, artists and creators who celebrate life. Jewish, one story at a time. Learn more about The Braid at:

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Iran’s largest navy ship sank Wed, 02 Jun 2021 15:25:02 +0000

A fire broke out in Iran’s largest fleet which could not be contained. The ship sank in the waters of the Gulf of Oman near the Strait of Hormuz. The cause of the fire was not determined and the crew was evacuated to safety.

Khark, named after the island that served as Iran’s main oil terminal, was a support unit that resupplied other ships, carried heavy loads and had a helipad, according to the Associated Press. State television and the semi-official Fars and Tasnim news agency described it as a “training ship”.

Iranian media reported that the ship sank near the port of Dusk after a failed firefighting operation.

The Israeli daily Israel Hadom reported that Iranian authorities have denied previous speculation that the ship and other ships were heading for Venezuela to serve as a forward base of operations for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

This is another naval disaster for the Iranian Navy. In 2020, during an exercise near Dżask, a missile accidentally hit a warship, killing 19 sailors and injuring 15 – reports the Associated Press.

According to the United States, Iran is responsible for several attacks on ships in the Gulf of Oman over the past two years. Tehran authorities deny the charges, the agency wrote. Israel Hajoum adds that there have also been attacks on merchant ships from Israel and Iran in recent years, which both countries blamed each other on.

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NFT Launch, Regulators Target Crypto Ads and Scams, Nebraska Adopts Digital Asset Banking Charter, Reports Detail Crypto Hedge Funds and Sanctions Evasion | BakerHostetler Tue, 01 Jun 2021 21:21:31 +0000

BD-ATS to Issue Blockchain Securities, Crypto Hedge Fund Report Released

Through: Teresa Goody Guillén

Blockchain-based trading platform tZERO recently announced an agreement with an energy project finance platform to digitize approximately $ 25 million of stake in an energy fund that will invest in oil and gas assets across the United States. According to a press release, “digital security” will be “built on the Ethereum Blockchain” and “is expected to become tradable on tZERO ATS”. The energy project finance platform is expected to launch its D 506 (c) settlement offering this month.

A major US bank has reportedly announced plans to offer a cryptocurrency investment platform to its high net worth clients by mid-June. The bank’s investment institute reportedly wrote that “[c]The cryptocurrencies have gained stability and viability as assets, but the risks lead us to favor investment exposure only for qualified investors, and even in this case through a fund managed by professionals. “

A Big Four accounting and consulting firm recently released its annual report on crypto hedge funds. Key takeaways from the report include:

  • The estimated total assets under management (AuM) of crypto hedge funds around the world increased from US $ 2 billion in 2019 to nearly US $ 3.8 billion in 2020.
  • The median crypto hedge fund reported + 128% in 2020 (up from + 30% in 2019).
  • Median management and performance fees remained unchanged at 2% and 20%, respectively; average management fees remained stable at 2.3%; and the average performance fee fell from 21.1% to 22.5%.
  • The vast majority of crypto hedge fund investors are either high net worth individuals (54%) or family offices (30%).
  • The most common crypto hedge fund strategy is qualitative (37% of funds), followed by discretionary long / short strategy (28%), discretionary long only strategy (20%) and multi-strategy (11%).
  • The proportion of crypto hedge funds using an independent custodian decreased in 2020 from 81% to 76%; the proportion of at least one independent director on their board of directors increased from 43% to 38% in 2020; and the proportion using an independent fund administrator increased from 86% in 2019 to 88% in 2020.
  • The funds tend to be domiciled in the same jurisdictions as traditional hedge funds, the top three being the Cayman Islands (34%), the United States (33%) and Gibraltar (9%).

For more information, please see the following links:

NFTs, Loyalty Tokens Launch, Regulators Target Crypto Ads As Scams Rise

Through: Veronique reynolds

The Associated Press (AP) announced a non-fungible token (NFT) drop this week to celebrate 175 years of photojournalism. The organization plans to auction 10 NFTs that depict iconic photographs taken throughout history, some associated with musical scores. Proceeds from the auction will support the organization’s journalism efforts.

In Europe, the Italian Post, which operates an online marketplace in addition to mail delivery, turned to Hyperledger Besu to build an integrated loyalty points system. According to a press release, the system allows customers to accumulate points through merchant apps and convert those points into fungible loyalty tokens that can be redeemed on the platform for various rewards.

Spain’s economic authorities have launched a royal decree that grants the country’s financial services regulator the power to regulate crypto-asset advertising. According to some reports, the decree is based on the principle that cryptocurrencies present risks related to anonymity, self-preservation of private keys and accessibility.

In the UK, a self-regulated advertising industry organization recently banned an advertising campaign by Luno, a cryptocurrency exchange, “for being deceptive and irresponsible.” The ads are said to have encouraged people to buy bitcoin, stating that ‘it’s time to buy’, without warning consumers that the asset is very volatile and risky. The exchange has reportedly agreed not to post such announcements in the future and include a “risk warning” on future announcements.

According to a recent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) press release, consumers have lost over $ 80 million to cryptocurrency scams since October 2020 – an increase of more than 10 times a year on ‘other. The median amount that individual consumers would have lost as a result of the scams was $ 1,900. According to the FTC, consumers aged 20 to 49 “were more than five times more likely than older groups to report losing money to a cryptocurrency investment scam.”

For more information, please see the following links:

Nebraska adopts digital asset banking charter, tax case addresses crypto mining

Through: Keith R. Murphy

The Nebraska state legislature recently passed a bill to create a state banking charter for digital asset depositories, which was enacted by the state governor on Wednesday this week. According to recent reports, new companies are able to obtain a state banking charter as custodians of digital assets, and existing state chartered banks are now allowed to open cryptocurrency banking divisions. . The reports further note that while digital asset custodians may engage in custody and payment services related to digital assets, they are unable to accept deposits or provide currency loans. fiduciary and must maintain 100% of their assets in reserve by law.

Tennessee couple are challenging IRS right to tax cryptocurrency mining or staking in court, arguing mining is an act of creation and therefore not taxable, multiple sources say . The couple, who are asking for a refund of taxes paid, say the IRS must instead wait until the cryptocurrency is sold or traded for a taxable event to occur.

For more information, please see the following links:

China, Hong Kong implement new crypto regulations, Iran stops mining

Through: Keith R. Murphy

Three major Chinese banking and financial associations recently issued a directive severely limiting access to and protection of cryptocurrency in that country. According to a recent report, the restrictions prohibit banks from allowing their customers to access cryptocurrency trading or storage, and prohibits banks from providing insurance to cryptocurrency businesses or investments. The restrictions would also ban web platforms from hosting cryptocurrency coin companies and serving advertisements for cryptocurrency-related activities.

In Hong Kong, according to recent reports, the government has issued proposals to restrict cryptocurrency trading to professional investors and to require the exchanges to be licensed by the city’s market regulator. The current existing rules provide for an “opt-in” approach whereby exchanges can apply to the Securities and Futures Commission, but they are not required to do so.

Citing concerns about the power grid, the Iranian president has declared a moratorium on all cryptocurrency mining in the country until the end of September, according to a recent report. As noted in the report, a combination of licensed and unauthorized miners are using more than 2,000 megawatts of electricity, and the country is experiencing hydropower shortages due to an unusually dry spring this year.

For more information, please see the following links:

Report Provides New Data on Cryptocurrencies and Sanctions Evasion

Through: Joanna F. Wasick

A recent report from a major blockchain analytics company reveals that over 4.5 million unique bitcoin addresses are linked to over 72,000 unique Iranian IP addresses, which were either involved in direct cryptocurrency transactions , or used to query the blockchain to verify funds in the cryptocurrency addresses that they control. The report continues to find that many of the identified bitcoin addresses were linked to multiple Iranian IP addresses, indicating the use of mobile wallets connected to multiple internet sources. The result of this, according to the report, is that financial institutions have little or no visibility into the link between a bitcoin address and users in sanctioned countries, like Iran. The report warns that financial institutions should complete all sanctions risk mitigation strategies to ensure that cryptocurrencies are not used to transact with sanctioned countries.

For more information, please see the following link:

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UPDATE 3-Digital music firm Believe lowers IPO targets to 300 million euros Tue, 01 Jun 2021 06:11:26 +0000


3 Strong Buy stocks with 100% upside potential

Every stock investor wants a high return; it’s axiomatic, which is why people go public to begin with. But markets are inherently risky, and finding the sweet spot – the right mix of risk and reward – seems as much an art as a science. You can however use science to minimize the risk. We are talking about statistical science, the study of numbers, their patterns and the relationships between them. This can give investors an objective view of the larger market or specific stocks, and can even be used to measure the success of these stock performers, professional traders and analysts. We used the tools on the TipRanks platform to sort publicly traded stocks and find three that have a strong combination of risk and reward. Specifically, we looked for Strong Buy stocks that have recently received analyst approval, as well as a price target suggesting upside potential of 100% or more. Doubling your money seems like a good return, so let’s find out what else these stocks have for them. Rezolute (RZLT) We’ll start with the biopharmaceutical industry, where Rezolute specializes in the development of drug therapies – new drugs – for patients with difficult-to-treat metabolic disorders. These are often seen as orphan diseases, diseases that have very few patients and therefore a limited market. Rezolute is currently working on two pipeline projects, both for conditions similar to or related to diabetes. The Company’s lead drug candidate, RZ358, is currently in an open label Phase 2b study as a treatment for congenital hyperinsulinism (CHI), a rare pediatric disease in which the pancreas produces too much insulin , resulting in extremely low blood sugar, with cascading effects throughout the body. RZ402, the second drug candidate, is in phase 1 clinical trials. This is an oral treatment for diabetic macular edema, one of the causes of blindness in diabetes. In its recent financial report for the third quarter of fiscal 2021, Rezolute included updates on the development of the two main drug candidates. For RZ358, the company noted that the phase 2b RIZE study was still enrolling patients and that baseline data should be available during 2H21. For the Phase 1 study of RZ402, Resolute announced that the trial has ended and initial results show that oral administration once daily is feasible. The company will launch a Phase 1b trial in 3Q21, as a step towards Phase 2 studies. Regarding the financial results, Rezolute said it has on hand $ 32 million available in cash and cash equivalents, enough to fund. operations through the third calendar quarter of 2022. HC Wainwright five-star analyst Douglas Tsao began his coverage of RZLT with an optimistic outlook, writing: “Rezolute is set to step into the limelight with two assets to the mechanisms Unprecedented… Despite assets with promising data and differentiated mechanisms, Rezolute has been largely overlooked by the investment community, which we largely attribute to its entry into the public markets via a reverse merger and an OTC List. keys ahead and a recent NASDAQ listing, we think it’s time for investors to pay attention to this story. Tsao is giving the stock a no. te purchase and a target price of $ 21, which implies an increase of 103% for the coming year. (To see Tsao’s review, click here.) The Strong Buy consensus rating on RZLT shares is based on 3 recent reviews – and they are all positive, unanimously agreed by consensus. The shares are priced at $ 10.33, with an average price target of $ 25.33, making the one-year upside potential a solid 145%. (See Rezolute’s market analysis on TipRanks.) Westport Fuel Systems, Inc. (WPRT) Next, we have Westport Fuel Systems, a company that operates in the green sector of the energy and transportation industry, producing natural gas engines and associated fuel system components, for personal and commercial vehicles. Westport is a leader in high pressure direct injection technology and also produces engines designed for propane or hydrogen fuels. Westport holds 1,400 patents or patent applications relating to alternative fuel systems. Last year, the company achieved sales in 70 countries, with total revenue of $ 252 million. In the current year’s first quarter report, Westport reported revenue of $ 76.4 million, beating estimates of $ 3.81 million and up 14% from 1Q20, putting the company on track to beat last year’s total. The company recorded a net loss in the first quarter; however, despite the lack of $ 0.01 from the street forecast, the loss of 2 cents per share was well below the loss of 12 cents recorded in the last year’s quarter. Westport has a stated goal of reaching $ 1 billion in annual business by the middle of this decade. Amit Dayal, 5-star analyst at HC Wainwright, covers this headline, and he was impressed with the first quarter results. Dayal wrote: “The strength in year-over-year revenues is attributed to a 25.0% increase in OEM sales supported by demand for light vehicles. Gross margins for the quarter improved to 17.0% from 15.5% in 4Q20, supported by the product mix. Regarding the outlook for the company, the analyst added, “A key takeaway from the call was management’s increasing focus on growth in North America. We believe regulators in this geography are now pressuring fleet owners to look for cleaner trucks. This, in our opinion, plays on the company’s available solutions that already meet this need. Consistent with these comments, Dayal rated the WPRT shares as a buy. Its price target, at $ 16, indicates confidence in a 155% rise for the 12-month nest. (To view Dayal’s track record, click here.) Like RZLT above, Westport received 3 positive stock reviews for a unanimous Strong Buy consensus rating. WPRT shares have an average price target of $ 13.33, which implies a one-year increase of 112% from the current price of $ 6.26. (See Westport stock market analysis on TipRanks.) Ayr Wellness (AYRWF) For the last headline on our list, we’ll look to the fast-growing cannabis industry. Ayr Wellness is a United States-based cannabis company, an MSO (multi-state operator) with operations ranging from growing the plants to distributing the product. Ayr has dispensaries in Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada and Pennsylvania, and offers a range of products for medicinal and recreational users. The legal cannabis market is young and continues to grow rapidly. In Ayr’s 1Q21 report, the company showed a 74% year-over-year gain to $ 58.4 million. Ayr focused on expanding his footprint. During the quarter, he completed the acquisition of Liberty Health Sciences in Florida. The move added 42 dispensaries to Ayr’s Florida operation, giving the company the fourth-largest “ cannabis footprint ” in the third-largest state. Ayr also made acquisitions in Arizona and Ohio, with Ohio operations scheduled to begin in the next quarter. The company plans to enter the New Jersey market by the end of the summer. Echelon analyst Andrew Semple sees the company’s expansion as the driving force here, and he writes of Ayr: “We expect strong growth to come with our forecast for sales to exceed 120. million by Q420, more than double Q1 levels. In the coming quarters, Ayr will benefit from the full first quarter of the contribution of its operations acquired in Arizona and Florida, the closing of the acquisition of Garden State Dispensary in New Jersey (expected in Q321), significant increases in capacity in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey, and Nevada (as well as MA / OH due to go live in 2022), and 14 new dispensaries operational by YE 2021 compared to QE Q121. Semple, a 5-star analyst ranked among Wall Street’s Top 100 Analysts, gives stocks a buy rating and raises his price target from C $ 70 ($ 58) to C $ 74 ($ 61), suggesting a 100% increase for the coming year. . (To see Semple’s track record, click here.) There are 5 recent reviews on this stock, with a 4: 1 split in favor of buy over hold, all merging into a Strong consensus rating. Buy. The average price target is $ 45.58, which implies a 49% hike in the coming year. (See Ayr Wellness stock market analysis on TipRanks. To find great ideas for trading stocks at attractive valuations, visit Top Stocks to Buy from TipRanks, a newly launched tool that brings together all the information about stocks from TipRanks Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of featured analysts. The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

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What is Asian American music, really? Mon, 31 May 2021 16:00:00 +0000

In the decades since its inception, the term “Asian American” has become depoliticized; Once a coalition that sought to mobilize collectively against injustice, it has evolved into a demographic – and marked by cavernous contrasts. After the passage of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, an infusion of Asian immigrants arrived in the United States – both highly skilled workers like my parents, whose entry in the 90s was subject to admission to higher education, and less privileged refugees fleeing war and repression. “For me, it’s interesting how early Asian American activists, mostly Chinese, Japanese and sometimes Filipino, created this identity by protesting the war in Vietnam, and decades later, South Asians. Is still don’t really have a seat at the table, ”says Saporiti. I sometimes wonder if it is even worth while to keep the ideal of Pan-Asian unity, yearning for another hymn like “We are the children”. Contemporary appeals to a shared Asian American identity often invoke superficial signifiers –bubble tea, for example – to foster an artificial sense of belonging. Meanwhile, many artists I’ve spoken to don’t like the term “Asian American music” for fear that it might be essentializing, or imply a unified aesthetic. There will never be a singular notion of who or what “Asian America” ​​is, and that makes theorizing music so difficult.

On the one hand, it should be remembered that “Asian America” ​​is a construction forged, to a large extent, by war and colonization. Due to the ubiquity of the US military in Asia, so much contemporary music, stemming from the pioneering electronics of Yellow magic orchestra psychedelic thai molam, could be considered to have “Asian” and “American” elements. The “original k-pop starsAn attractive South Korean trio known as Kim Sisters began their careers singing American folk, jazz and country standards to soldiers during the Korean War. Years later, the Vietnam War will not only lead to the creation of Vietnamese rock’n’roll, but also Cambodian rock, as US military radio crossed borders. “Asian American jazz is cool, but honestly the best ‘Asian American music’ can be found across the Pacific,” Saporiti says, citing favorites like the legendary Indonesian singer-songwriter. Iwan Fals and Cambodian singer Ros Sereysothea.

It is even more common now for music to cross national borders, sampling a mishmash of cultures and languages. Think of MIA, the cheeky Sri Lankan-British rapper who made “world music” in the greatest sense of the word – recording in India, Trinidad and Australia, pulling on British grime, Bollywood, punk, soca, Missy Elliott, and more. Or think of Yaeji, who swings perfectly between English and Korean on his laid-back club tracks; instead of feeling like a barrier, Korean adds an inviting textural element. At the corporate level, one of the most important transnational forces is 88Rising, which, for better or for worse, has attempted to rebrand Asia as a brilliant business product, like an Adidas campaign for the East. . Despite the many forget and blunders, he opened up unforeseen avenues for global artists, via flashy music videos and PR deployments, global radio, and now a sister label focused on Filipino music.

There are also contemporary musicians who, like the aforementioned Asian American creative musicians, have adopted and reworked long-standing folk traditions, absorbing them into their own distinct perspectives. Pantayo, a quintet of queer and diasporic Filipinos based in Toronto, combines kulintang music – with eight gongs arranged horizontally, in the middle of a larger ensemble – from the southern Philippines with pop, R&B and punk. (Like a brazen critic described It sounds like “Carly Rae Jepsen if CRJ had suffered generational trauma from centuries of colonialism.”) On Lucy liyourecent album by Practice, experimental musician uses text-to-speech technology to awkwardly recreate vocal patterns in Korean pansori, a type of folk opera storytelling. The awkward rhythms of the speech testify to a strained relationship with his family, a common theme in immigrant households. It reminds me of my childhood: the tedious hours of piano practice, the feeling that my elders will always be a little unknowable to me.

When I was younger, I felt the “Asian American” was an irritating and cumbersome legacy. I did not know the decades of activism and history; all I knew was that I didn’t like having strict parents or being subjected to the occasional racism. I wanted to be spontaneous and brash, to go to parties, to express my political beliefs, to indulge in the fantasy of making serious art – and I didn’t see that freedom as available to me. I thirsted for role models, one who could shake up the rigid and tyrannical ideas I had absorbed about what Asian Americans were allowed to be. Over time, I become wary of rhetorics that attribute too much radicalism to the existence of an artist – they are visible; we are the same race; thus I am empowered. There is a lot of music by Asian American artists that I find uninspired and even embarrassing.

If we say that a piece of music makes us “feel seen”, then we must also analyze what is so invigorating, what it reveals to us about our own subjectivities. We should ask ourselves what new language it offers us, in the finer details of rhythm, tone, metaphor, phrasing. I want more art, and our treatment of it, to help stitch our personal experiences into something more than just isolated narratives. A lingering form of dehumanization against Asian Americans is the erasure of our long-standing involvement in this country, including its music. By looking to the past and to each other, we may be able to strengthen our collective sense of belonging. We could recognize each other again.

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Composer Shahin Farhat appointed to Music Department of Iranian Academy of Arts Sun, 30 May 2021 15:09:30 +0000

TEHRAN – Prolific Iranian musician and composer Shahin Farhat has been appointed director of the music department of the Academy of the Arts (IAA).

Farhat, who is also a permanent member of the academy, took office during a meeting with IAA director Bahman Namvar-Motlaq, the IAA announced on Sunday.

Born in 1947 in Tehran, Farhat started playing the piano at the age of 13. He graduated from the University of Tehran with a degree in music, before completing his Masters in Composition at the State University of New York at Binghamton.

Farhat’s doctorate. thesis focusing on the works of Iranian composers.

He pursued a teaching career at the Faculty of Music of the University of Tehran.

Over the past two decades he has composed a number of symphonies in honor of a number of national and religious figures.

The Muhammad Symphony (S) is one of the compositions produced in 2006.

The Iranian calendar year was named the “Year of the Great Prophet Muhammad (S)” by the leader of the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, during his New Year’s message on March 21, 2006.

Farhat has also composed symphonies for the Persian Gulf, Mount Damavand and the Persian poet Ferdowsi.

Photo: Composer Shahin Farhat in an undated photo.


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Concerns mount over young Iranian rapper jailed for singing Sat, 29 May 2021 20:35:00 +0000

The imprisonment of 18-year-old Iranian rapper Sara has fueled further concerns about her condition as she is being held incommunicado in jail for singing as a rapper.

“This poor Iranian rapper is still in detention. Because her rap music uses rebellious words, neither her family nor the national media support her. She is alone. Help us raise our voices and be his voice, ”Masih Alinejadm the women’s activist and journalist tweeted on Friday.

Alinejad posted a video in which Sara said upon her arrest: “I can’t breathe.” Alinejad wrote that Sara was “brutally arrested in the town of Borazjan. His crime? She dared to sing in a country where singing is prohibited for women. Her close friend told me: No one knows where she is being held. We are all worried.

Sheina Vojoudi, an Iranian dissident who fled the Islamic Republic of Iran due to the crackdown, said The Jerusalem Post Saturday that “people compare her to George Floyd for whom the regime has long mourned for his anti-American intentions to put a cruel face on America.” Backward clergymen in Iran are against women and oppose the beautiful nature of women.

She added that “according to them [clerics], women are the reason why men are tempted to commit sins, whether it is with their beautiful voices or with their beautiful bodies or faces, and I think they also offend men with their primitive thoughts because they see them without sense of humanity. In fact, they are against beauty and love.

In a third tweet on Saturday, Alinejad wrote: “I call on rappers around the world to raise awareness about the brutal arrest of an 18-year-old Iranian rapper. As this cartoon explains in one sentence: “I can’t breathe”.

The post office could not locate Sara’s last name in Persian, but her artistic name is Solkws.

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“Don’t censor artists, society needs protest too …” is part of Mohsen Avid’s speech in his controversial new speech. Fri, 28 May 2021 19:50:12 +0000

Recently, in a speech, Mohsen Avid touched on the fact that in Iran, due to auditing, censorship and pressure, artists prefer not to fall into the category of Protestant music, and added that ‘despite the pressure from society, art should flourish and stop the feeling of frustration to lead us to forget about our big goals in life.

He also says that few attempts have been made in this area; Protestant music is perhaps the most precise concept of disturbing music, and it poses socio-political problems for the public. Mohsen Avid, also known as Mohsen Parhizkar, an Iranian singer, songwriter and songwriter, says that “music and poetry have the potential to make an emotional impact and create a physical boost in listeners. , and can certainly be a powerful stimulant for concussions. . “

An artist can be the voice of the people

“Art can take on a protestant aspect in any case, and it’s not just about music,” Mohsen said. “Painting, drama, poetry, and books can have an effect because they use artistic coordinates. Art is a category that can influence thoughts, minds and be enduring. art can present a company’s events beautifully and effectively. “

If we look at music, in particular, the meaning of this art is verbal music, and when it comes to protesting, the objection manifests itself mostly in words. “Verbal music, if it arose out of people’s wishes and is close to people’s living conditions, it will have very profound effects on people in society.”

The singer continued, “We live in a society where poverty puts pressure on people and annoys them. An artist with his works of art can pose a social problem like poverty to those who need to hear him. An artist can be the voice of the people and influence the minds of the public to make people aware of the problems in society. “

Subsequently, Mohsen Avid said, “When I say we don’t have Protestant music, that doesn’t mean we don’t have objectionable music at all. I mean, we don’t have so much. protestant music as society desires. Nowadays we should play Protestant music and artists should be free so that they can make the voice of the people heard through their works of art. This will not happen until the audits, censorship and pressure will not exist. Under these circumstances, artists generally prefer not to fall into this category themselves. We have had Protestant works in recent years, and I have done a few Protestant works. . If you listen to “gang life”, almost 6 of the 8 tracks on this album are questionable. “No Matter” is the first work that I officially presented to the music world, it is also a Protestant work. “Blowdown “is my last job that I have sung in my concert, however, this song has not yet been released, which is a completely Protestant work and is based on the conditions of the soc iety. Many artists have made efforts and we have created works. These efforts do not meet the needs of society and these works are not abundant. An artist cannot easily get a license. The words are censored to the point that the main message will not be delivered: “The government is fully responsible, and the freedom of artists in the context of works of art is not as it should be.

Yet Mohsen Avid is one of the hard working musicians in Iran who has wonderful records on global platforms. The high views of his music on the platforms have always indicated how famous and popular they are.

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