Concerns mount over young Iranian rapper jailed for singing

The imprisonment of 18-year-old Iranian rapper Sara has fueled further concerns about her condition as she is being held incommunicado in jail for singing as a rapper.

“This poor Iranian rapper is still in detention. Because her rap music uses rebellious words, neither her family nor the national media support her. She is alone. Help us raise our voices and be his voice, ”Masih Alinejadm the women’s activist and journalist tweeted on Friday.

Alinejad posted a video in which Sara said upon her arrest: “I can’t breathe.” Alinejad wrote that Sara was “brutally arrested in the town of Borazjan. His crime? She dared to sing in a country where singing is prohibited for women. Her close friend told me: No one knows where she is being held. We are all worried.

Sheina Vojoudi, an Iranian dissident who fled the Islamic Republic of Iran due to the crackdown, said The Jerusalem Post Saturday that “people compare her to George Floyd for whom the regime has long mourned for his anti-American intentions to put a cruel face on America.” Backward clergymen in Iran are against women and oppose the beautiful nature of women.

She added that “according to them [clerics], women are the reason why men are tempted to commit sins, whether it is with their beautiful voices or with their beautiful bodies or faces, and I think they also offend men with their primitive thoughts because they see them without sense of humanity. In fact, they are against beauty and love.

In a third tweet on Saturday, Alinejad wrote: “I call on rappers around the world to raise awareness about the brutal arrest of an 18-year-old Iranian rapper. As this cartoon explains in one sentence: “I can’t breathe”.

The post office could not locate Sara’s last name in Persian, but her artistic name is Solkws.

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