Dalal Abbas’ book on influential Andalusian women hits Iranian bookstores

TEHRAN — Lebanese scholar Dalal Abbas’ 2019 book on influential women under Arab rule in Andalusia has been published in Persian.

Sorush is the publisher of “Andalusian Women” translated into Persian by Musa Bidaj, a renowned Iranian translator of Arabic literature.

The book is considered a reference for many researchers and students, given its literary, social, philosophical, political, historical, religious and documentary value, and its synthesis of dozens of references and sources, among which there are rare and difficult to access.

“I have touched on the details of everything concerning Andalusian women, over a long period, extending the domination of Arabs in Andalusia,” Abbas wrote in a preface to the book.

One chapter of the book deals with the status of women as free women and slaves, and the transactions, ownership, buying and selling that flow from it.

Their position in society, which oscillates between slavery and devotion, is questioned.

The book also studies their culture and upbringing as well as their areas of work as a writer, teacher, doctor and even jurist.

The study also shed light on the influence of women on society, politics and leaders at different times.

The women who mastered different forms of art, from calligraphy, singing, acting and dancing, are studied in this book.

The research also illustrates customs, traditions, costumes, advice and what is allowed and forbidden in relationships.

The study also provides in-depth insight into the lives of influential women such as Al-Mustaqfi’s daughter, Hafsa Al-Rukunia, Al-Ramiqiah and Hababa Al-Roumieh, who made a big impression.

The book contains rare poems by them, mentioning the occasions on which they were composed, the relationships that grew up around them, and the conflicts they aroused.

Photo: Cover of the Persian edition of Dalal Abbas’ book “Andalusian Women”.


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