Discover the songs of Megan Thee Stallion, Hyolyn and Sigrid!

Another week and another batch of new songs. We couldn’t cover a number of songs here due to length (but check CMAT, Jordan Stephens and little god. Some artists take a new stylistic direction (like Sevdaliza and Shenseea), while others continue to produce the sound and themes for which they are known with varying degrees of success (Will Joseph Cook, Ivorian Doll, Griff), and yet others released singles accompanied by an announcement of their upcoming musical projects (Doctor Lincoln, Renata Zeiguer and Pussy Riot).

This diverse selection of new music is sure to appeal to readers with different tastes.

1. Hyolyn – Layin’ Low (feat. Jooyoung)

The leader of the now-debunked K-Pop girl group SISTAR gives us an R&B pop song. It sounds like many pop songs about toxic relationships with snapping fingers, flirtatious vocals, counting from 1 to 4 and a perfect tempo for contemporary dance.

2. Stefflon Don – Juice

“Juice” is one of the quieter songs on Stefflon’s recent singles. It is a gentle and tropical Caribbean track.

3. Shenseea – Licking (with Stallion Megan Thee)

“Lick” is a disadvantage. Its slow and torrid tempo has drawn comparisons to “WAP” but it reminds the author of “Wild Side” by Normani. The usual straight fire bars that made Shenseea so beloved are missing here and it’s a little disappointing to see an up and coming duo like Megan and Shenseea do this.

4. Renata Zeiguer – Sunset Boulevard

The independent artist has been cult since her album old ghostdropped in 2017. Now, the New York-based Argentinian-Filipino musician has announced a new album: “Picnic In The Dark” will be released on April 8. “Sunset Boulevard” is a dreamy fantasy-tinged song with Alice in Wonderland-lyrics that sound a lot like ‘Old Ghost’.

5. Doctor Lincoln – Don’t Let Go

The Indian surgeon-turned-musician sings of depression, support and hope in this wonderfully sweet and sunny pop-rock song. If that sound is in your way, be sure to check out Doctor Lincoln’s “Will See You Now” album, out in mid-2022.

6. Ivorian Doll – Pattern

The real ones know how long this song has been cooking in the pot. The London rapper eventually dropped this exercise number and it’s a classic IVD track: a hard, brash, catchy beat with a few spicy bars.

7. Griff X Sigrid – Head On Fire

Griff and Sigrid are two incredibly talented young artists who have come together to create a euphoric pop anthem about anxiety and desire (yes, you’ve read it in writing). Both women know how to take intense subject matter and turn it into catchy, dance-worthy tracks and we’re grateful for that.

8. Will Joseph Cook – 4am

Cook does not disappoint. “4AM” is a romantic, cinematic song with a heartfelt melody. The wind instrument at the beginning and the strings in the second part do the piece a good service.

9. Sevdaliza – Top alone

The Dutch-Iranian artist surprises us with an unexpected stylistic direction with a song that has a 90s shoegaze/grunge rock sound. We like it.

10.Muse – Will not retreat

The alternative rock band from Devon, England disappoints with this 2000s-style rock song. “Won’t Stand Down” might appeal to die-hard Muse fans, but won’t convert new listeners with its disappointing, outdated sound. .

11. Pussy Riot – PUNISH

“PUNISH” is co-written by popstar Tove Lo and we can feel Lo’s presence in this dark pop dance track. The song is part of Pussy Riot’s upcoming concept project featuring a story about a dominatrix-style heroine with superpowers who punishes bad guys. There was a real boldness and anger in this punk band. Their bold acts have

imprisoned, publicly humiliated and cyberbullied for calling out Putin’s government. But their recent tracks sadly seem softened around the edges and packaged for easy audience consumption. The novelties sound more vague (lacking the social relevance and much-loved lyrical frankness in their previous works), with the band using Swedish star writing and adopting a high-pitched, cartoonish voice that sounds more like a parody of liberal feminism. We’ll have to wait for more songs from this new project to really decide.

12.Aly & AJ – Dead on the Beach

The Californian duo deliver some good ol’ dream pop/indie pop sound, though there’s nothing remarkable or unforgettable about it.

13.King Princess – Little Bother (feat. Fousheé)

Highly acclaimed indie artist King Princess is collaborating with famed TikTok singer Fousheé to bring fans what they love: a dreamy pop guitar track.

14.Holly Humberstone – London is lonely

“London Is Lonely” is your quiet little track about loneliness in the city that some might mistake for a Griff song.

15. Busy P, DJ Mehdi – MCP 2021 (feat. Santigold, Benjamin Epps)

“MCP 2021” is a straightforward hip hop track with a deafening sound. It’s a bilingual French-English track, perfect for parties. We haven’t heard from Santigold for a long time and we are happy to hear his voice in this track.

16.umru & Petal Supply (with Rebecca Black) – heart2

The PC Music label serves up yet another hyper-pop song that sounds more like a hyper-pop parody. Sounds like a Charli XCX rejected demo song that was supposed to be from her Mixtape “Pop 2”, perhaps because “heart2” is produced by longtime collaborator umru.

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