“Don’t censor artists, society needs protest too …” is part of Mohsen Avid’s speech in his controversial new speech.

Recently, in a speech, Mohsen Avid touched on the fact that in Iran, due to auditing, censorship and pressure, artists prefer not to fall into the category of Protestant music, and added that ‘despite the pressure from society, art should flourish and stop the feeling of frustration to lead us to forget about our big goals in life.

He also says that few attempts have been made in this area; Protestant music is perhaps the most precise concept of disturbing music, and it poses socio-political problems for the public. Mohsen Avid, also known as Mohsen Parhizkar, an Iranian singer, songwriter and songwriter, says that “music and poetry have the potential to make an emotional impact and create a physical boost in listeners. , and can certainly be a powerful stimulant for concussions. . “

An artist can be the voice of the people

“Art can take on a protestant aspect in any case, and it’s not just about music,” Mohsen said. “Painting, drama, poetry, and books can have an effect because they use artistic coordinates. Art is a category that can influence thoughts, minds and be enduring. art can present a company’s events beautifully and effectively. “

If we look at music, in particular, the meaning of this art is verbal music, and when it comes to protesting, the objection manifests itself mostly in words. “Verbal music, if it arose out of people’s wishes and is close to people’s living conditions, it will have very profound effects on people in society.”

The singer continued, “We live in a society where poverty puts pressure on people and annoys them. An artist with his works of art can pose a social problem like poverty to those who need to hear him. An artist can be the voice of the people and influence the minds of the public to make people aware of the problems in society. “

Subsequently, Mohsen Avid said, “When I say we don’t have Protestant music, that doesn’t mean we don’t have objectionable music at all. I mean, we don’t have so much. protestant music as society desires. Nowadays we should play Protestant music and artists should be free so that they can make the voice of the people heard through their works of art. This will not happen until the audits, censorship and pressure will not exist. Under these circumstances, artists generally prefer not to fall into this category themselves. We have had Protestant works in recent years, and I have done a few Protestant works. . If you listen to “gang life”, almost 6 of the 8 tracks on this album are questionable. “No Matter” is the first work that I officially presented to the music world, it is also a Protestant work. “Blowdown “is my last job that I have sung in my concert, however, this song has not yet been released, which is a completely Protestant work and is based on the conditions of the soc iety. Many artists have made efforts and we have created works. These efforts do not meet the needs of society and these works are not abundant. An artist cannot easily get a license. The words are censored to the point that the main message will not be delivered: “The government is fully responsible, and the freedom of artists in the context of works of art is not as it should be.

Yet Mohsen Avid is one of the hard working musicians in Iran who has wonderful records on global platforms. The high views of his music on the platforms have always indicated how famous and popular they are.

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