Erfun Khoshdel, a young Iranian pop singer, won an international music award and expressed his happiness to have achieved this success

Successful world championships among many people always make everyone happy and receiving some prizes is good for a person, especially if those prizes are international and have many thoughts.

Erfun Khoshdel, a young Iranian who has been singing music for several years, participated this year for the first time in the World Festival of Music, Literature and Art, and in his first appearance he won the award for the best musician. He had brought his glorious works to this festival and the judges were very interested in his works.

Erfan Khoshdel Nikkho aka Erfun Khoshdel is an emerging musician who is currently performing with attractive music in the pop genre. He has attracted many fans with his fascinating works and with different names such as “Chatr” and “Ashegham Man”.

According to Erfun Khoshdel, these successes are due to the support of his friends, relatives and family, who have made him progress day by day and take success steps one after another.

At this festival we also heard a short lecture from him which was very interesting, he used the expression “Music is my soul, music is my soul and music is the voice of my heart” when was instructed to speak.

Excerpts from this part of Erfun Khoshdel’s speeches have been viral on virtual networks several times, and we have seen some interesting videos from this festival in various places.

The reason for this ubiquitous media coverage is the very short uptime and the achievement of great successes for “Erfun Khoshdel”.

He’s been working professionally for two years and in those two years he’s been able to have a lot of celebrity collaborations and produced some wonderful music which is very complete and his fans have received this music very much.

Erfun’s main business started many years ago and over time he was able to establish himself among the great Iranian musicians and achieve eye-catching success day by day.

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