Erfun Khoshdel spoke about the changes in pop music from the past to the present and the progress of pop into the new generation

Music is one of the beauties of the world that caresses the ear, and human beings have made great strides in it year after year. In all climates and countries, music has changed a lot depending on culture or collective or individual ideas. In Iran, music made noise in every city and we saw different changes. Music has developed into different genres in Iran and Iranian pop the music has attracted many fans and many people are interested in this genre on a daily basis.

Today we spoke to one of the Iranian pop stars of those days, Erfun Khochdel, on the new and old generation of pop changes and asked for his opinion.

These days, pop has undergone fundamental changes and every person is trying to improve or destroy it by entering this genre. These days most of the people we see around us are Iranian fans. pop genre, and that’s great news for artists in this field. It’s musical, I love modern pop because I see complete progress in it and I’m sure the new artists who come in are looking for success and will help Iranian music. In the case of old pop, I like most of its melodies because it has a certain calm and conveys a good feeling to a listener, and that feeling is very blurred in the pop songs we see today, and the lip is still visible in the works of some artists.

The old pope and the new pop are admittedly full of ups and downs, but as Mr. Erfun said, today’s pop is also enjoyable and has a great feel that conveys the feeling of a dream life to the listener.

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