Expo 2020 Dubai: the France Pavilion at the service of post-Covid economic recovery – News

“We look forward to welcoming millions of visitors over the next six months,” said Commissioner General Erik Linquier

The France Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will play an important role in the revival of the French economy, according to its commissioner general Erik Linquier.

“In reality, [our participation in Expo 2020 Dubai] is part of the French government’s relaunch strategy to maintain a strong and visible global presence, ”Emirates Linquier, who is also the chairman of COFREX, the French exhibition company in charge, told news agency to organize French participation in international and universal exhibitions (WAM).

“Our participation illustrates the relevance, determination and willingness of French companies to build a sustainable society for the collective future, the France Pavilion being their platform to showcase their know-how, their talent and their innovation”, a- he added.

‘France, Lightspeed Inspiration’: a source of inspiration, knowledge and creativity

Under the theme “Lightspeed Inspiration”, the pavilion embodies the vision of France and highlights its many successes in the transition to innovative mobility solutions, respectful of the environment and user-oriented.

Light is also the architectural theme of the France Pavilion, which visitors can explore as a source of inspiration, knowledge and creativity, providing a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Located in the Quartier de la Mobilité, the pavilion seeks to explore light as a catalyst for progress, vector of connections and source of creativity. Designed as a link between the proud universal heritage of France and a more inclusive world today, it offers solutions to build a more sustainable and resilient world according to the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals: a priority shared by France and the United Arab Emirates

“The 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030 are a priority shared by France and the United Arab Emirates and are more relevant than ever in a post-pandemic context. France’s contribution to achieving these SDGs, including the fight against climate change, is an objective of responsible development and economic growth, crucial in the post-Covid rebound, ”said Linquier.

He stressed that Expo 2020 Dubai represents an ideal opportunity for all French artists, entrepreneurs, academics, companies, start-ups, communities and foundations to develop internationally, conquer new markets and express their commitment to building a sustainable society for the collective future. .


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France has designed its six-month presence at Expo 2020 Dubai around twelve thematic fortnights around the 17 SDGs. The objective of these fortnightly themes is to raise public awareness of the major causes and challenges of tomorrow and to highlight French initiatives in the areas of biodiversity, climate, peace, space, consumption, etc.

“The French Pavilion will show how climate and environmental interdependence on an international scale can be a tool for international cooperation and business development, while offering concrete solutions. While France is committed to ensuring strong coherence between its national and international policies, Expo 2020 Dubai will provide a pioneering platform to highlight this, ”said Linquier, adding that France is fully aligned to express its vision. environmental transformation and innovation to build a better future.

“Our ambition is to highlight the values ​​of daring, optimism and collective sense.”

More than 600 French companies, startups and SMEs operate in the United Arab Emirates

More than 600 French companies, startups and SMEs operate in the United Arab Emirates, representing various French industries, innovations and services.

“France’s participation in Expo 2020 constitutes a new and valuable opportunity to continue to strengthen these relations and elevate them to new heights. It will create new opportunities between the two countries to consolidate economic, commercial, academic and cultural ties, ”said Linquier.

Live an immersive cultural and artistic journey

France’s daring in terms of art and technology is also strongly present in the journey of visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai, which is organized into several spaces that aim to reinvent the present of France and create its own. to come up.

The promenade will be dressed in street furniture designed by the Franco-Iranian artist Sepand Danesh, who has designed furniture and sculptures that symbolize universal attitudes and emotions such as reverie or contemplation. The promenade will also host an exhibition devoted to innovative textiles developed by lille3000 and will offer thematic photographic exhibitions.

In the introductory space, the Explorers will propose an inventory of the natural, cultural and human resources of the French regions to make as many people as possible aware of their riches and weaknesses.

Dedicated to the notion of Redefining Progress, the permanent exhibition presents visitors with three scenic spaces, each presenting a vision of progress. These visions echo the theme of the Pavilion (“Light, Lights”), its geographical wing (“Mobility”) and the general theme of Expo 2020 Dubai (“Connecting minds, creating the future”).

In the continuity of the permanent exhibition, visitors will be able to discover temporary exhibitions, renewed each month, each one dedicated to an artistic know-how: starting with digital art, tableware, kinetic art, architecture and fashion.

Finally, the art exhibited will give an identity to each of the Belvédère spaces of the French Pavilion throughout the duration of the event.

“We have adapted our event calendar to match the new Expo 2020 schedule and we have optimized this extra time to pay even more attention to the visitor experience and programming,” said Linquier.

Expect millions of visitors over a six month period

“The pavilion of France is historically one of the most visited pavilions at world exhibitions and we look forward to welcoming millions of visitors over the next six months,” said the pavilion’s commissioner general.

“We are working closely with the organizers to provide a smooth experience, as we adhere to Expo 2020 Covid-19 health and safety guidelines. The UAE’s response to the pandemic and their efforts to welcome [this mega event] testify to their resilience and dedication, ”he concluded.

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