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Two years ago I caught the classic COVID-19. Five days later, not knowing I was sick, I played ice hockey wearing a mask just as peak symptoms began. The next day I felt much better but took the PCR test anyway, only to find out 48 hours later that I was positive. Based on my personal experience, I am writing to inform your readers that vigorous exercise in cold air while wearing a mask cures coronavirus. Disclaimer: The medical establishment warns against strenuous activities in case of COVID-19 infection.

I don’t care if scientists meticulously design studies and experiments to control for artifacts and bias. I don’t trust experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other apolitical, science-based government agencies who summarize the findings based on careful analysis of aggregated data from the scientific literature. I don’t believe that reliable data should inform policy.

I trust personal experience above all else, so I know playing ice hockey cured me of COVID-19.

Baha’i Persecutions Escalate

Last February, a story broke about Iranians demolishing Baha’i homes in Iran. A court determined that “no wrongdoing had been committed”, as “ownership of property by the 27 Baha’is” was not valid “due to their membership of the Baha’i Faith”.

The decision was significant, said a spokesperson for the US Office of Baha’i Public Affairs, because it represents a “departure from previous written advice.”

In the past, judges have orally admitted that “religious discrimination was the reason for their decisions,” but in written opinions they have been careful to justify similar forfeitures with alleged violations of zoning/permit ordinances or laws. similar technical details.

The spokesperson called the written admission of discrimination “worrying” because it “may signal a growing lack of public interest”, which “has long been the main mitigating factor in the Iranian government’s persecution of the Baha’is”. Premonitory observation.

Recently, the Baha’i International Community, or BIC, announced that the Iranian regime was seeking to increase its wealth by confiscating Baha’i property.

“The Imam Khomeini Execution Order (EIKO) seizure of Baha’i property is a new and very disturbing development for Iranian Baha’is,” said Diane Ala’i, BIC Representative to the United Nations. United in Geneva. “This development demonstrates that the highest levels of the Iranian leadership are orchestrating the persecution of Baha’is in Iran.”

The plan seems to be for the government to get rich through outright theft.

For example, “A Revolutionary Tribunal[…]ordered that the property belonging to six Baha’is be transferred to EIKO. The Semnan Province Director for EIKO, Mr. Hamid Ahmadi, initiated the action to obtain a court order for the confiscations.

From apartments to irrigated farmland, Baha’i properties are being confiscated by the government as Iranian leaders “enrich themselves while impoverishing and displacing Baha’is”, Ala’i said. The Baha’is are the largest non-Muslim religious minority in Iran.

Full disclosure: I have been a Baha’i for six decades.

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