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A Sydney dental clinic that looks like a day spa, or maybe the lobby of a chic boutique hotel? What happened to de rigueur blue mouthwash and hard plastic waiting room chairs?

A trendy Brisbane barbershop that looks like a nightclub? What happened to the usual steampunk style and dark leathers so lavishly layered you can smell them – even in the photos?

Anna Trefely, the designer who took on the brief for Double Bay cosmetic dental practice, FY Smile, says reversing expectations about how business premises should look “is kind of the direction we’re headed. now “.

“You don’t need to adapt a typology to the punch,” explains the director of Esoteriko Interiors, “because people are looking for experiences. “

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The furnishings and general design of this Sydney dental clinic suggest freshness. Photo: Dave Wheeler

Borhan Ghofrani, who specified the presentation of Langanis Barber Studios’ third outlet, located in the CBD, said he “wanted to create a different aesthetic for a long, narrow space – especially one that comes from a street. in hard concrete “.

Different, okay.

This is how Langanis created his latest location on Edward Street: “Cold textures of concrete, glass and metal surround you and you no longer feel confined to the city walls. The gray and black edges form optical prisms in a layout that’s not just surreal, it’s psychedelic.

The lighting, which changes from yellow and amber to purple and blue depending on the time of day, is perhaps the most avant-garde aspect of the very different design of Ghofrani’s barbershop.

With “a powerful angularity that reflects the shape of scissors and blades – and the way cropped hair falls to the floor,” it’s very immersive, says Ghofrani, an Iranian-born brand and interior designer who lives in Brisbane for three years. “The lighting is in your face, completely! “

The absolute opposite of Dulux White Polar is the case of FY Smile dental clinic, which advertises on its website that it is “not cold and clinical, but warm and welcoming”.

This is where you check in as a dental patient, not a posh hotel guest. Photo: Dave Wheeler

“We have deliberately chosen an earthy atmosphere and a serene atmosphere to make you feel comfortable and get rid of any lingering anxiety before you start treatment. “

In luxurious stillness, this is how Trefely interpreted a brief “to be different from anywhere else; to explore a positive experience ”, there are, she emphasizes, also degrees of“ playfulness ”.

The shapes of the reception area and waiting room tables refer to the shapes of the teeth, she says. The same goes for the material they are made of. Artificial Marblo “is very enamelled; very similar to a tooth ”.

The other subliminal message conveyed by the space, says the designer, “reinforces ultra-cleanliness”. This is considered essential in a business like this in this era of COVID.

These two projects are shortlisted in different categories for this year’s IDEA or Interior Design Excellence Awards, which will be announced in November. Both not only reflect original craftsmanship, but display the growing importance of brand character anchored in the very bones of a commercial space.

The new story is that brands are more than a logo. For Ghofrani, “a brand is also what it makes you feel, but [spatial] designs can also reflect their neighborhoods ”. Points of sale of the same brand in different locations “do not need to be carbon copies”.

Speaking to both men and women, Langanis in CBD was never going to be very generic, like so many hair salons across the country, he says. “What we have done is the opposite of wood, leather chairs, warm towels and the expectation that Al Pacino can enter a very masculine space.”

Michael Langanis, owner of the shops, says that Ghofrani “really wanted to make this shop an enveloping experience”.

Langanis is cited on the brand’s website as wanting to create much more than a hairdressing salon: “We create hype and put on a show.

Ghofrani holds scissors that inspired some of the shapes in the store.

The design show has music and lights that vibrate with the beats. “Music and darkness,” says the interior designer. “We go to places to have experiences and atmosphere, and there’s no reason a barber couldn’t be different.”

The lighting? What are those purples, in particular? “We have selected colors that play with each other. They are also complementary colors to a person’s face. Green and red can make you look like you have jaundice.

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Countdown to 2021 Qatar International Art Festival mega festival begins Tue, 19 Oct 2021 20:16:01 +0000

The third edition of the Qatar International Art Festival 2021 (QIAF), one of the biggest art festivals in Qatar, will be held in Katara – the cultural village from October 24 to 28.

More than 300 artists from more than 65 countries are registered to participate in QIAF 2021, Katara said in a press release.
“Art is at the heart of Doha. The city is emerging as a place where a plethora of art-related activities take place each year,” the statement noted. “QIAF provides an international platform for artists from Qatar and around the world. The festival helps many international artists to gain exposure. In 2010, Qatar was declared the cultural country of the region. The festival provides good exposure to the artists invited to the beautiful country of Qatar. “
During the days of the festival, events and activities such as a painting and sculpture exhibition, a live painting symposium, an artistic fashion show, masterclasses, cultural conferences and round tables, a cultural tour of the Qatar and a cultural dinner have been scheduled from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
The five-day festival offers various benefits to attendees including promotion of their work, the ability to be published in print, electronic, digital and social media, interaction with guest art collectors, art investors , potential buyers and more.
“As Qatar becomes a hub of cultural and artistic activities, more and more artists want to come to the country,” the statement added.
Florence Biennale, Italy, is the participating partner with art galleries and other entities around the world including Crislolart Galleries from Spain, ‘Artmosphere’ magazine from USA, Gallery 2+ from Mexico, Funun Arts des United Arab Emirates, Areme Art Gallery of Armenia, Iranian Art Gallery of Iran, Ethiopian Art Gallery of Ethiopia, Guest Art Agency of Russia and UFS University from Beirut of Lebanon.

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FHLBank San Francisco awards $ 175,000 in grants for pandemic recovery and economic development in Nevada Tue, 19 Oct 2021 18:00:00 +0000

Funding will support 7 non-profit organizations

SAN FRANCISCO, October 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco has awarded $ 175,000 in grants to seven Nevada nonprofits as part of its 2021 AHEAD program. The grants, awarded through local financial institutions that are members of FHLBank San Francisco, aim to promote innovative economic and community development initiatives that provide better opportunities for underserved populations.

Thanks to the AHEAD program, Bank members stimulate local programs and projects targeting urgent needs. Grant recipients support a variety of priority recipients, including housing applicants; services for homeless people; educational programs for schools, students and teachers; and workforce training programs in various sectors, including child care, construction and health care.

“Nevada’s communities have faced a multitude of challenges over the past 18 months, many of which will have long-term economic impacts,” said Teresa Bazemore, President and CEO of FHLBank San Francisco. “Our AHEAD program was created in 2004 to provide valuable resources to help our communities meet such challenges. Never has the need for innovative initiatives and services been so critical, and we are proud to provide this support.

This year, nine applications from Nevada nonprofits were submitted and grants of $ 25,000 each were awarded to seven winning applicants through six participating local lender members.

“From job creation to workforce training, from financial education to providing resources to underserved populations, this year’s grantees exemplify the intent of the AHEAD program,” said Marietta Núñez, Senior Vice President and Head of Community Investments at FHLBank San Francisco. “The winners represent innovative and targeted initiatives that will create economic opportunities by developing proven development models or by piloting new interventions. “

Winners of the 2021 AHEAD program of $ 25,000:

  • Safe Nest (Sponsored by Bank of George), the largest provider of accommodation, advocacy and counseling for victims of domestic violence in southern Nevada. AHEAD will fund direct financial assistance to survivors for rent, security deposits, help with utilities, childcare costs, and transit passes.

  • The Foundation for Public Education (Sponsored by Wells Fargo National Bank West), which offers programs and resources to help public school students, families and educators in southern Nevada. The grant will provide operational support and stipends to program participants who wish to become teachers.

  • St. Jude Children’s Ranch (sponsored by Toyota Financial Savings Bank), a residential foster home that provides housing and services to foster children and young people in foster care of transitional age at risk of homelessness. The AHEAD grant will support a project that helps young people learn valuable job skills such as customer service, inventory control and cash management at a thrift store on campus.

  • Chicanos Por La Causa Nevada Inc. (Sponsored by Western Alliance Bank), which offers housing, financial education and empowerment programs, as well as social services to underserved residents of Nevada. The AHEAD grant will support a project providing homeless people in Las Vegas with education and workforce development, including job skills in construction or another in-demand industry, career counseling and career services. employment assistance.

  • Nevada Partners Inc. (Sponsored by Toyota Financial Savings Bank), which provides education, workforce development, financial literacy and housing programs and services to low and moderate income children, families and other people in West Las Vegas. The grant will help provide operational support and allow the organization to hire additional staff focused on healthcare careers, as well as support paid work experience or professional training costs for participants.

  • Andson Inc. (Sponsored by Silver State Schools Credit Union), which provides mentoring, tutoring, and financial education services to students in southern Nevada. AHEAD grant funds will be used for staff, curriculum expenses, organizational costs and supplies for a project providing 400 low-income elementary school students in Clark County with financial literacy classes in class focused on money management, how to set financial goals, and the benefits of an education savings account.

  • Southern Nevada Catholic Charities (sponsored by Meadows Bank), which provides food, shelter and comprehensive services to vulnerable members of the community. The AHEAD grant will help cover the staff and administrative support costs of a program helping homeless men achieve and maintain their independence by providing them with housing, life skills training, access to free food programs and intensive case management.

Full list of this year’s AHEAD scholarship winners and more information about the program is available at

Since 2004, the Bank has awarded $ 20 million in AHEAD program grants to support more than 660 nonprofit projects and programs in Arizona, California and Nevada.

About the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco

The Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco is a member-driven cooperative that helps local lenders in Arizona, California, and Nevada strengthen communities, create opportunity, and change lives for the better. The tools and resources we provide to our member financial institutions – commercial banks, credit unions, industrial loan companies, savings institutions, insurance companies and community development financial institutions – promote home ownership, expand access to quality housing and stimulate economic development. Together with our members and other partners, we make the communities we serve more vibrant, equitable and resilient.

CONTACT: Media Contact: Mary Long,, (415) 572-6717
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The book “Autumn on the Train” was published in Tamil Tue, 19 Oct 2021 09:28:00 +0000

Mohammad Kazem Mazinani’s book “Autumn on the Train” has been translated and published in Tamil by the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization.

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): Mohammad Kazem Mazinani’s book “Autumn on the Train” has been translated and published in Tamil by the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization.

According to the Public Relations Department of the Culture and Islamic Relations Organization (ICRO), the story of the novel is a sacred look at the martyr and his family, which is constantly repeated during the war and is not considered like a repetition.

The book is the story of a family in one of the country’s villages whose only son went to the front. The boy had written many letters from the front asking him questions about his grandmother Robabe and her horse, and his family had assured him that all was well.

In addition to addressing the issue of war, the war front and the presence of young people and adolescents and the structure of the Iranian family as well as the role of family members, Mazinani beautifully portrayed the affection and family attachments in Iranian society.

This novel won the 24th Book of the Year Competition of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the category “Literature for Children and Adolescents”.

/ 129

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Ally with Israel so as not to fall like dominoes – ARAB TIMES Tue, 19 Oct 2021 03:48:28 +0000

The United States is still waiting for the Iranians to complete negotiations on a return to the nuclear deal. Because Tehran is not about to give up its intransigence, Washington will wait a long time, or until the Iranians find another opportunity to blackmail the US administration and the international community behind it.

In this regard, perhaps the United States should read Persian history well and know how the enemy thinks they are achieving their objectives through political deception, which the Persians have worked with throughout their imperial history of about 3,000 years ago, and they’ve walked to the present state. of the mullahs, which is part of its political literature.

Going back in history when they began their expansion into the ancient world, they worked to cause unrest in accordance with the divide and rule principle, something they were the first to practice politically.

As a result, the empire continued to expand until the year 336 BC when war broke out between Alexander the Great and the Persian Dara. It was the beginning of the demise of the great empire.

After about 900 years, the Persians returned to expand into the Arab Quarter, but were defeated in the First Battle of Qadisiyah, as well as in Dhi Qar at the hands of Al-Mundhir Al-Numan. It was known as the Battle of the Chains, because Ormuz ordered his soldiers to tie themselves up with chains for fear of escaping, but he was defeated by Khalid bin Al-Walid.

When the Muslims conquered Persia, its citizens entered the new religion. Nevertheless, they did not abandon their expansionist and arrogant culture. They worked to distinguish themselves as descendants of Cyrus. This trend emerged during the celebration of the Shah of Iran Muhammad Reza Pahlavi in ​​1971, to mark the 2,500th anniversary of the establishment of the Kingdom of Persia.

The current mullahs’ regime has revived this trend with the slogan “exporting the revolution”. To achieve his goal, he has been working for 40 years using two methods: expansion by inciting sectarian fanaticism, and by sowing discord between societies, especially Arabs, and by seeking to possess weapons of mass destruction by returning to the military project. of the Shah which began in 1957. and was suspended in the early years of the revolution. However, the project was taken up by Khomeini during the Iran-Iraq war in order to obtain an atomic bomb to balance his power with Iraq, especially after the defeats suffered by his army at the start of the eight-year war.

The desire grew further after sanctions were imposed by the international community on Tehran when its intelligence community carried out a series of terrorist operations in a number of countries, in addition to the establishment of militias by power of attorney in several Arab countries.

Today, Washington is awaiting Tehran’s return to the Vienna negotiations. He ignored the serious warnings about the consequences of the revival of the sectarian terrorist beast directed against him by most Arab countries and Israel. Tehran is continuing its military nuclear project and developing ballistic missiles capable of bombarding Europe.

In such a political atmosphere, it seems Washington has abandoned its fight against Tehran. The threat to its interests and allied countries in the region is increasing day by day, forcing the Gulf states, moderate Arab states and the Israeli alliance to face the Iranian threat that threatens the security and peace of the country. Middle East.

Otherwise, the countries of the region will turn into dominoes. When the Iranian coin falls on one of them, the rest will fall successively.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, The Arab Times

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Soundstreams Announces Details on LOVE SONGS World Premiere Mon, 18 Oct 2021 20:12:08 +0000

Lawrence Cherney, founding artistic director of Soundstreams, today announced additional details about the company’s world premiere production of Love songs, as part of the company’s 2021/22 season. Digital streaming of Love Songs will begin on November 19, 2021.

Claude Vivier’s travels to Bali and to the Iranian city of Shiraz in the 1970s were for him an initiation into mysticism and poetry. These journeys led to an intensely personal journey; Love Songs, for seven singers, covers the gamut from childhood songs and nursery rhymes to the deepest contemplation of our place in the universe. Also on the program, Hymnen an die Nacht de Vivier. Combine these works with the world premiere of a tribute to Claude Vivier by Christopher Mayo, Oceano Nox, and you will have an evening of pure magic.

Artistic Director Lawrence Cherney added: “Claude Vivier was concerned with death, sex and eternity. He led a dangerous life, taking risks with himself as well as with his art. But from the extremes of human experience, he has brought us a glimpse of the Eternal in 49 extraordinary works. This Love Songs program is part of a series of Vivier productions by Soundstreams over several seasons. This year, live presentations in Toronto in April and a European tour in May, featuring key appearances at a Claude Vivier festival hosted by London South Rim Center. “

Mayo’s new work, Oceano Nox, is a tribute to Canadian composer Claude Vivier. In Bob Gilmore’s 2014 biography, Vivier’s school friend Gilles Beauregard recalls that Vivier’s first composition he saw was a setting to music of the poem “Oceano Nox” by Victor Hugo. There is no trace of this youthful piece apart from the memory of Beauregard – the piece itself is lost. Hugo’s “Oceano Nox” is a poem about sailors lost at sea, their memories fading in the minds of friends and family as their bodies decompose on the ocean floor. In trying to focus on Vivier’s lost composition, this work comes up against quotes from two other sets to music from Hugo’s poem: a choral setting by Georges Alary from 1899 and a song by Laure Collin from 1869.


David Fallis, musical director
Vocal ensemble: Carla Huhtanen, Lindsay McIntyre, Vania Chan, Robin Dann, Bud Roach, Alex Samaras, and Keith Lam
Grégory Oh, piano
Ryan Scott, percussion


Love songs by Claude Vivier
Claude Vivier Hymnen an die Nacht
Christopher Mayo Oceano Nox

Individual tickets are available now through RCM Tickets for Soundstreams Insider members, and then for the general public on October 25, at this link. Visit for more information.


Premiere on November 19, 2021
Digital broadcast, lasting approximately 45 minutes
Single tickets are PWYC, ranging from $ 7 to $ 22.

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Iranian and Lebanese films awarded at BFI London Film Festival Mon, 18 Oct 2021 12:04:21 +0000

An Iranian film about a chaotic family on a road trip won first prize at the BFI London Film Festival on Sunday.

In 2020, this distinction was awarded to Thomas Vinterberg Another round, which also won the Oscar for best international feature film.

Written and directed by Panah Panahi, Take the road is the Iranian director’s debut feature. He is the son of Jafar Panahi, one of Iran’s most respected filmmakers and currently banned from making films in his home country.

The film, presented for the first time at the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes, has received excellent reviews since its screening. It follows the story of a family getting ready to say goodbye to one of their own. In the backseat of their borrowed vehicle sits Dad, who has a broken leg, while Mum tries to laugh when she can’t hold back tears. The youngest keeps breaking into the karaoke of the cars and the older brother, who leaves the country, remains silent.

Take the road has been described as tender and touching, as it follows the dynamics of a family of four while masterfully changing emotions throughout the film.

The Sutherland Award for first feature film went to Belgian director Laura Wandel Playground, while the Grierson Award for Best Documentary went to Liz Garbus Become Cousteau, on the life of French explorer Jacques Cousteau.

The drama of Mounia Akl Costa Brava, Lebanon, with Nadine Labaki and Saleh Bakri, won the festival audience award.

Complete list of awards at the BFI London Film Festival

Official competition (Best film award): Take the road by Panah Panahi

First Feature Film Competition (Sutherland Prize): Playground by Laura Wandel

Documentary Competition (Grierson Prize): Become Cousteau by Liz Garbus

Immersive and XR art competition: Extension only by Duncan Speakman

Short film competition (Short film award): Love, daddy by Diana Cam Van Nguyen

Public Prize: Costa Brava, Lebanon by Mounia Akl

Update: October 18, 2021, 12:03 p.m.

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KPMG India Partners With Forcepoint To Offer Information Protection, IT News, ET CIO Services Mon, 18 Oct 2021 06:33:00 +0000 KPMG in India and Forcepoint announced they have partnered to provide information protection services to businesses in India. The alliance will bring together cybersecurity services from KPMG along with cybersecurity innovations from Forcepoint that enable businesses and government agencies to protect their critical data wherever it is accessible.

Businesses and government organizations are increasing their investments and spending on cybersecurity year after year. This can be confirmed by the fact that up to 14% of CEOs in India, compared to 12% globally, viewed cybersecurity risk as one of the biggest risks to growth today, according to the 2021 India report. KPMG CEO Outlook Report – Towards a digital approach and goal-oriented recovery.

With this alliance, KPMG and Forcepoint aim to help companies identify and locate critical information within the company (based on processes coupled with electronic discovery mechanisms); Develop various policies and processes, including classification to protect sensitive data; Phased-in, tiered approach (enables quick wins) to focus on protecting critical information that impacts business operations; Competent team with extensive experience working with different information protection technologies.

“By combining KPMG’s rich experience in cybersecurity in India with Forcepoint’s unique vision of Data-first SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), which provides customers with a way to advance their journey to the cloud at their own pace , we can help our customers with the business speed and agility they need to operate in today’s digital environment, ”said Atul Gupta, Cybersecurity Manager at KPMG India.

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Iranian artists in the spotlight at the Biennale of illustrations in Bratislava Sun, 17 Oct 2021 15:07:36 +0000

TEHRAN – The Bratislava Biennial of Illustrations (BIB) in Czech honored Iranian artists Ghazal Fathollahi and Mohammad Barrangi Fashtami with BIB plaques.

Fathollahi received the honor for his illustrations for “You are an Explorer” (also translated as “We are Explorers”).

The book written by Shahrzad Shahrjerdi was also published by La Maleta, a publisher from the Autonomous Community of Asturias, in northwestern Spain.

The book shows brotherhood, imagination, collaboration and self-improvement against the pain of war. This book, through the love between two brothers and their imagination, leads us to reflect on the hardships suffered by some people as a result of conflicts in their country of origin which force them to leave their homes in search of something. better.

Barrangi was honored for his illustrations in “Simorgh, a Story from Attar Neyshaburi’s Mantiq at-Tayr” streamlined by Marjan Fuladvand for children and young adults.

Simorgh (Phoenix), a bird of Iranian mythology and literature, plays an important role in some Persian classics, such as the Shahnameh (Book of Kings) by Ferdowsi and the Mantiq at-Tayr (The Conference of the Birds).

In Attar’s parable-shaped poem, the birds of the world come together to decide who will be their ruler. The hoopoe, the wisest of all, suggests they find the legendary Simorgh. At the end of the long journey, there are only about thirty birds left. They realize that they themselves are the leader they are looking for.

Young and talented London-based Iranian illustrator Barrangi uses his feet and toes to paint instead of his disabled hand. This is why her images have their own unique look. In his works, he combines elements of Persian calligraphy, Eastern stories and images, and classical Western painting.

A nine-member jury, including Brenda Dales from the United States, Victoria Fomina from Russia and Renata Fucikova from Czech, also honored Mamiko Shiotani from Japan for “The Story of Egg, Dale Blankenaar from South Africa for” Quill Soup ” and Armando Fonseca from Mexico for “The Howling” with BIB plates.

Due to the pandemic, the jury met online and the BIB Grand Prix went to Spanish illustrator Elena Odriozola for “Mixed Feelings”.

Lee Myung Ae of South Korea for “Tomorrow will be a sunny day” and Amanda Mijangos, Armando Fonseca and Juan Palomino of Mexico for “The Sea” are among the five Golden Apples winners.

Sylvie Bello from France for “The First Snow”, Anna and Varvara Kendel from Russia for “To the North, Our Earth Breathes” and Chao Zhang from China for “Poetry and Painting Collection, Story of Grandma’s Snowflower” also received other golden apples.

Verzone from Czech for “Ludwig van Beethoven”, Topipittori from Italy for “The First Snow” and Zahori Books from Spain for “Lost Landscapes” were the editors who won honorable mentions.

Photo: This combined photo shows the covers of Iranian books that won the BIB plaques at the Bratislava Art Biennale.


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The most anticipated music competition on VOD this fall Sun, 17 Oct 2021 10:05:00 +0000

Biggest band music competition to host bands from all over Iran

The competition had more than a thousand groups registered and a total of one hundred and ten groups chosen by the selection committee to participate in the audition phase.

Bandbazi will be hosted by Omid Hajili; one of the best-known artists in Iran, as well as carefully chosen judges from Alireza Assar, Omid Nemati, Mehraveh Sharifinia and Behrooz Saffarian.

Nima Bank is the director of the contest which comes in the form of a TV show

The director of Nima Bank and producer of Bandbazi describes the contest as “the easiest path to stardom”. Bank is best known for its business achievements in Iran with over twenty-five years of experience in the field. He has also directed feature films and television shows and has repeatedly shown his visual prowess.

At the age of 16 and still a student, Nima Bank began his artistic career as a still photographer and actor in the film industry and went on to direct mini-series and feature films for National Television of Iran. He has directed and produced TV commercials in Iran, Dubai, Turkey, Sri Lanka and France, and with “Nimad International Creative House” he had the country’s largest production house for many years. He also produced a collection of short films for “Sam Service”; Samsung’s official customer service in Iran, which will be released this year.

Filmnet, founded in 2014, is a recently rebuilt and currently active VOD service in the country of Iran with thousands of Iranian movies and TV shows ready to stream.

Bandbazi is one of the most anticipated TV shows and Filmnet subscribers can look forward to watching the biggest band contest this fall.

This article is an advertisement and the Mehr News Agency has no opinion on its content.

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