Foods that science says will help you live longer

If you think whole grains is a term used only for cereals and breads, think again. Whole grains also include delicious foods like popcorn, oats, and quinoa. And researchers are finding promising new evidence suggesting that these foods may promote longevity by preventing cardiovascular disease, according to Live Science. In fact, one major study, known as The Nurse’s Health Study, included data collected from approximately 74,000 participants over decades.

The first significant finding was that a diet with 28 grams of whole grains per day corresponded to a 9% lower risk of death from cardiovascular causes. Second, those who ate the bran component of whole grains had the greatest protective effects against death from cardiovascular disease. Third, those who ate a serving of whole grains instead of a serving of red meat reduced the risk of death by 20%.

“If you are really interested in eating whole grains [in relation to] other diseases, stroke, heart disease and colorectal cancer, whole grains are consistently associated with [a] a lower risk of these diseases,” Dr. Qi Sun, assistant professor of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, told Live Science.

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