‘Happy Birthday America, all you have left’

American singer-songwriter Toby Keith has a one-song bombshell for July 4th. No, not rude, if you ask me. If you haven’t already, you can listen to it and judge for yourself.

He’s a 59-year-old American heartlander. Of course, he had better days; everyone was as good as their word where it came from.

As to why he wrote this song, Mr. Keith says: “It feels like politicians aren’t doing the job on either side and it feels like democracy is in. danger. We fought and divided almost to the point that it is all about power and victory. I think, God save us all from politicians.

Democracy in danger?

One of the reasons he believes democracy is in danger is that whatever remains of it is subject to what is known as Critical Race Theory (CRT).

I don’t believe that in these all-white towns, everyone is racist as the CRT suggests; like waking culture and the cancellation movement, CRT is half-baked science. All of these pseudo-sciences only do two things: they can’t convince people – instead, they create militias – and they cast doubt on real science.

The root of CRT, Project 1619, has as its main principle the idea that people migrated to the “new world” in order to be able to own slaves.

The project has come to a point where it creates ideologues who see the pursuit of the American Constitution (even the union itself) impossible because “the representatives of these United States of America, in the General Congress, assembled, and appealing to the supreme judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions ”were lying about the equality of men (and women). “If the basis of a political regime was racism, then the whole establishment is groundless. “

This is not consistent with the historical facts: the founding fathers of the United States in the south supported slavery so that their agriculture could survive; slave farming was more competitive because it was cheaper.

They were not lying about their belief that Africans possessed “different behavioral traits” which made them inferior to Europeans (or Europeans superior to Africans); in other words, racial prejudice was their very common belief in Europe.

Some people had started to abolish slavery not because one morning they realized that what they were doing was unethical, unchristian or inhuman; they pushed for abolition because slavery had become difficult to maintain.

It was rooted in their culture. Many scholars call it the “culture of colonial settler societies”. For example, Hamid Dabashi, Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, writes that people from England, France, Turkey (he means Ottomans), India and China – who “came from all over the world and overwhelmed the original inhabitants of a territory large or small to form a state of garrison around them ”- created the“ culture of colonial societies.

I respectfully disagree here. Dr. Dabashi puts all of his “settler-colonialists” in one basket and, judging by 19th century state law, calls them land thieves.

Yes, France called Algeria “French Algeria” and the Belgians called the Congo “Belgisch-Congo” (The Belgian Congo), but in fact all the occupiers knew that the land they occupied was not an extension. of the homeland.

When Queen Victoria chose the name “British Columbia” to distinguish the British part of the District of Columbia from the United States (which became the Oregon Territory in 1848), she knew it was someone’s country. one else.

The Ottoman conquest of the Balkans introduced a new concept: the state of Ghaza. The Ghaza Thesis (from Ottoman Turkish “raid”) is a historical paradigm formulated by Paul Wittek that was used to interpret the nature of the Ottoman Empire during the first period of its history, the 14th century,

When the Ottomans took Adrianople (now Edirne) in 1362, they showed the whole world that they did not own these countries, they were only going to run day-to-day affairs there. This is no Professor Wittek’s pun – the Ottomans were going to create a “homeless empire”. Istanbul or Bursa or any other part of the Empire was the Ottoman homeland; there was no colonialism here.

There are three components of colonialism:

  • The actual practice of gaining full or partial political control over the land and the people
  • Occupy it with settlers
  • Exploiting its natural resources economically

The occupiers should be equal or superior in number so that they can dominate the original people and they should transfer goods, products or money to the motherland.

Without these second and third components, the Congo could not be the colony of Belgium: 75 times larger than it, but after 60 years of its independence still 150 times poorer than it.

It was only last year that the Belgian monarch apologized for the brutality, death and looting after he colonized Congo in the 19th century.

Toby Keith and America

Back to Toby Keith who sees an America, where

All the cities down

By the design of the left

And the right can’t do it right

Most of the time

Every time I go to town and vote

I just came home with the blues

The lesser of two evils

All we can choose

Mr. Keith thinks in terms of the old politics: the left and the right. I have news for Mr. Keith: it is no longer the old-fashioned left and right that designs or counter-designs events.

It is the liberals who have turned into conservatives (neo-conservatives, in short) who design and redesign. America’s “superpower” attitude is in fact racism that pales CRT in comparison.

Today, the 27th United States National Security Advisor John Bolton (who was fired by former US President Donald Trump “like the sick puppy that he is”), is creating a lobby group that s ‘calls the “Turkish Democracy Project” to help a Democratic Party overthrow a democratically elected government.

No left and right, Mr. Keith, only neoconservatives. This is why Trump’s No.3 in the State Department is not US President Joe Biden’s No.2 in the same Department.

Former US President George Bush and Trump’s special envoys to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria now sit in the White House. These are not your cities, Keith, but they are “all broken down countries” that a neoconservative has designed and no one can make them right.

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