Hits making moves on the world songs board

11 songs are making their debut on the global digital song sales chart this image, with nearly half of all available spots on the 25-rank account containing songs that never made it to the chart. Many of these titles are new and have been released in the last few weeks, while several more are now years old, but just hitting the list for the first time.

Here are five tracks whose moves are worth noting in this week’s global digital song sales chart.

N ° 3 – Marshmello x Arash – “Lavandia”

The top two songs on this week’s global digital song sales chart move up from where they last ranked, while the highest new entry arrives at No.3. Iranian singer Arash debuts in their joint effort “Lavandia” in third place, making it a surprising success, as it was originally released in February.

N ° 8 – NCT Dream – “Hot Sauce”

Like their first album Hot sauce opens at No.10 in the World Albums chart, the first single and main track in the collection is also in the top 10 of the global digital song sales chart. The melody erupts over the leaderboard at # 8, bringing the group back to the top of the scoring for at least the third time.

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N ° 14 – Monsta X – “Be quiet”

The real winner of this week’s global digital song sales chart is Monsta X, which debuts with half a dozen new tracks on the roster in another impressive show of popularity. The South Korean group’s many new wins are featured in a number of older versions, with fans rushing to support tracks they’ve heard before.

N ° 17 – WJSN: Le Noir – “Easy”

WJSN is a successful girl group in South Korea, and as is common practice in the music industry in this country, the label behind the group has selected certain members to form what is called a sub -unit. The new act works separately, but their name has a bit in common with the larger original cast, as the second subunit of WJSN is called WJSN: The Black.

The little girl group’s debut single “Easy” opens at No. 17 on this week’s global digital song sales chart, showing the brand is incredibly strong.

N ° 21 – BAEKHYUN & SeoMoonTak – “HURT”

Shortly after scoring huge wins around the world with his latest collection and single, K-pop favorite BAEKHYUN is back with yet another new hit, and this time he’s not. only. The musician is joined by fellow South Korean artist SeoMoonTak on the melody “HURT”, which ranks 21st in this image.

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