Huge explosion reported near Iranian nuclear facility

A huge explosion has been reported near an Iranian nuclear facility. image: google

Huge explosion reported near Iranian nuclear facility

There have been unconfirmed reports from Iran that a huge explosion occurred near the Natanz nuclear power plant. This is located in the Badroud region of Iran.

No clear information has been confirmed, but there have been reports of bright lights in the sky and an unidentified drone shot down shortly after the explosion.

Fararunews and other Iranian websites said, “Local sources reported hearing a large explosion in the sky over Natanz. No official source has yet confirmed or denied the report ”.

Likewise, the semi-official Fars news agency quoted the local governor of Badrud as saying, “No exact details are available on this,” but they added that one of Iran’s own missiles was responsible for the explosion.

It was the result, they said, of an exercise conducted to test the response times of the country’s air defense systems to any attack. Iran Press TV supported this claim.

Talks are currently taking place at Vienna, between the world powers and Iran, on a return to JCPOA nuclear deal. This is an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program which had already been reached on July 14, 2015, also in Vienna.

An “immediate cessation” of these talks has been called for by Naftali Bennett, the current Israeli Prime Minister, who is deeply opposed to them. Bennett went so far as to accuse Iran of “nuclear blackmail,” as reported

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