ICD Brookfield Place hosts ‘The Sublime Nature of Being’ exhibit

Sublime Silence, a composition by Nadim Karam.

Mohammad Yusuf, Feature Writer

The Sublime Nature of Being, an immersive and multi-sensory group exhibition of innovative works by contemporary artists, was unveiled (January 23 – February 27) at the Summer Garden at ICD Brookfield Place, Dubai, in the presence of Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence.

Aiming to revolutionize the artistic experience in the region, the exhibition explores the universal human experience of nature-inspired awe and reverence, and its ability to evoke an emotional understanding that transcends thought, words and language.

Curated and produced by Ambika Hinduja Macker, artist, founder and creative director of art and design company Impeccable Imagination, in collaboration with ICD Brookfield Place, The Sublime Nature of Being brings together ten internationally acclaimed artists under one roof and invites the viewer to participate emotionally, imaginatively and sensorially, while exploring relationships with the surrounding environment.


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From the ethereal and divine to the ephemeral and personal, the exhibit is an Alchemic Sonic Environment (ASE) that showcases a variety of sculptures, modular components, and spatial sounds, aiming to spark hope and reflection. What is the feeling we get when we interact with nature when words fail or we feel awe beyond reason? How does an artist convey the indescribable and translate the metaphysical into matter?

The Sublime Nature of Being explores the purity of the natural cosmos and our relationship to it by creating imaginary and empowering worlds, evoked by the magic of creativity. For centuries, scholars have debated the term “sublime” in relation to works of art, and artists have sought to evoke or respond to it. But what is the “sublime”? The sublime can be defined as a philosophical approach and state of mind as having the quality of such greatness – whether spiritual, physical, aesthetic or moral – that our ability to perceive or understand it is temporarily overwhelmed. by a sense of wonder and impermanence. the universe.

The exhibition explores aspects of this philosophy and the modern interpretation of the Japanese term ‘Ukiyo’, which means ‘to live in the moment, detached from the hassles of life’, and examines the belief that contemplation of these themes leads to resulting feelings of admiration. and responsibility.

CIM art 1 Iranian visual artist Hadieh Shafie’s work titled Eshgh Distorted.

This allows for the intertwining of aesthetics and ethics, two key elements that are relevant to society, particularly in light of change and apprehension, as one looks to the future of the humanity. “It is the greatest honor to be able to share the works of some of the most inspired and exciting artists I know, showcasing art that evokes the grace of nature, in this dynamic and inventive city that I now call home. “, said Macker.

“My hope is that ‘The Sublime Nature of Being’ will transport audiences to an oasis of tranquility and beauty that instills a sense of optimism, harmony and equanimity.” The exhibition includes three-dimensional, sound and olfactory installations, a play on time and space, contrasts of shadow and light, elemental materials and fluid forms, and the experience invites the public on a journey with a contemplative dimension – a search for truth. Stepping into space, one is transported to a utopian sanctuary of peace and hope, offering a temporary reprieve and a poetic antidote to the outer chaos of the present day.

Participating artists presenting their works in mixed media include Nadim Karam, Lebanese sculptor, painter and artist; Jacob Hashimoto, American contemporary artist; Fred Eerdekens, Belgian sculptor and contemporary artist; Mathieu Lehanneur, French designer and artist; Hadieh Shafie, Iranian visual artist; Rowan Mersh, English multimedia sculptor; Xavier Lust, Belgian furniture designer and sculptor; Janaina Mello, contemporary Brazilian artist; Michelle McKinney, English contemporary artist; and Satya Hinduja, Indian composer, sound artist and producer. ASE is a multi-sensory deep listening experience designed to invoke states of reflection, receptivity and exchange. It is an intimate and subtle journey, informed by ancient wisdom and quantum theory.

Alchemical sound environments are positive experiences rooted in sound work and guided by burgeoning studies in the fields of epigenetics and cognitive neuroscience. He explores the nature of health as a process rather than an event and works to redefine the transformative power of sound. It is evolving into an interdisciplinary research and education platform, informed by partners from the arts, sciences, health and technology industries.

Founded by composer and sound artist Satya Hinduja, ASE materializes through performance, installation and education. The artist’s work focuses on the sensory processing system and its impacts on human potential, while reframing the collective memories of communities and potentiating the future of sound within integrative medicine. ASE collaborates with communities, conferences, galleries and festivals, among others. Impeccable Imagination is an interdisciplinary and innovative art and design firm based in Mumbai and Dubai. It aims to relate to “the divine purity of nature, evoked by the alchemy of creativity”. ICD Brookfield Place is one of the region’s premier lifestyle and business destinations with over four acres of dining, retail and community space, as well as 990,000 square feet of workspace ready for the future. The ICD Brookfield Place Arts program supports innovation in music, dance, theater, film and visual arts, pushing the boundaries to create works of art and cultural experiences, presented free of charge.

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