International achievements of Iranian designers

There is a perception that Iran is unique from European countries with respect to style and quality. If you’re in search of premium products that have a distinctive and fashionable design, everybody wants to purchase products that aren’t from the outside. If we take a look at the market as it, you’ll discover the designers as well as artists of Iran who, with determination and dedication, provide their customers quality and innovation. This is particularly interesting when we find out that the same producers and designers are awarded awards and top positions in European and international competitions.

Although the premium and ingenuous work of this group isn’t well-known by the public, they are beginning to realize that general builders and design professionals have faith in the process and utilize the method frequently when performing. This could be a fantastic start to the next era of production within the market in the nation. In the course of tracking the progress of the products produced within the nation, we had the opportunity to meet with Siavash Saomafinejad known as an authority who walks this route by focusing and perseverance. He has gained an abundance of experience in this field.

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Siavash Soomfinejad is working since 2009 in the field of design as well as the production of lighting and furniture by combining the traditional look of Iranian architecture with contemporary designs. He has also been creating and designing decorative objects for a prolonged time through his own company “Villasufia”.

Siavash Soofinejad, born 1978 in Tehran. The university he attended was the National Talent Development Organization (SAMPAD) and was admitted to by the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Tehran Azad in 1996. He completed his degree in 2001 and started his studies in the Faculty of Art and Architecture at the university. Azad originates in Tehran has a vast knowledge in architecture. He has an MBA and doctorate. on Philosophy of Art from Malaysia. His academic career began in the year 2006 when he founded the private Department of Interior Design and Architecture at a private institution. He is well-known as a presenter of architecture and design on various TV and broadcast shows. Writing books, translating articles and putting together books about decorating and design and publication of them into magazines dedicated to interior design , like “Home and Office” and “Sustainable Architecture” are among his many responsibilities. In recent times, his position was secretary to the department for Interior Design of a quarterly magazine dubbed “Villa architecture” and also the author in the journal “ZH” along with his column. appeared in the daily newspaper “Asia” that is commonly referred to as “Mr. Design “.

Siavash Soofinejad is continuing his work as a journalist as a producer of documentaries based on interviews with Iranian artists, architects, designers and designers. They aim to encourage and aid in the advancement in the development of Iranian cultural and artistic creativity.

The explanation of his motives and objectives is as the following: “Our goal and desire is to participate in top-of-the-line events in the form that of the Iranian luxury brand, instead of simply taking part. In this sense we’re advancing our manufacturing capabilities, which include the creation and manufacturing of lighting and furniture products. One of the major problems we confront is convincing Iranian customers to buy our products over particular European brands. The current situation, due to the restrictions of the embargo against imported products, can be used to demonstrate that we can offer high-quality locally produced products to our clients and the general public. We’re still in the beginning phases of this procedure due to our government is lagging to close the gaps in the sales of oil due to the fact that they produce locally. Of of course, had sanctions been not been put in place, nobody would have ever thought of the issue for over forty years, but now we’re now required to put them into effect. But, despite the numerous delays, we are working towards improving the value of our products. We’ll keep putting into more trust and commitment until we are able to show Iran to all people around the world the creativity from the young generation as well as its unique heritage and culture at the same time. “

The object was designed in collaboration with Siavash SOOfinejad along with Nima Bavardi. It was created with the help from The Villasufia label. It won the top prize in the European competition for design of products.

Nima Bavardi is a famous Iranian designer , who been awarded the most prestigious awards at numerous international competitions. This time along with Siavash Soofinejad. They have received two awards from the European Product Design Award competition. The team comprised of Nima Bavardi and Siavash Sufinejad won the bronze and gold medals at the European Product Design Competition.

Nima Bavardi was a graduate of Industrial Design at Azad University located in Tabriz and Tehran who won the eleventh A’Design Award between 2016 and in the year 2018. The awards, as well as other awards from the competition, as well as as being members of the jury which select the international competitions for design. It was her one who was chosen to manage an organization known as”the World Design Consortium to place its name on the list of the most famous 100 designers around the world.

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