Iran equips 51 cities with civil defense systems to monitor and repel threats: Defense Ministry official

Iran’s Defense Ministry has equipped 51 cities across the country with civil defense systems to monitor and thwart any threats as soon as possible, a senior defense official said.

Deputy Defense Minister Brigadier General Mehdi Farahi said on Saturday that this civil defense equipment will help Iran’s armed forces carry out missions such as identifying and monitoring threats through the use and coordinating hardware infrastructure and 24-hour software support based on the type of threats and risks.

In the event of a threat to the country, he added, the armed forces would not be caught off guard but would be able to take “the most appropriate action as soon as possible in order to identify, repel and to respond to threats.

He stressed that all defense sectors must develop plans commensurate with the pace of technological change and advances in the world.

“Today, the form of battles has become more complicated depending on the power of countries, and in fact hybrid wars”, including radioactive, biological and cyber attacks, have replaced conventional and traditional wars, Farahi said. .

He added that the Iranian Ministry of Defense has developed the necessary infrastructure to identify and thwart all types of biological, radioactive and chemical threats, but he stressed the need for the armed forces to obtain the necessary preparation to take decisions in possible battles in the future.

Iranian military experts and technicians have in recent years made substantial progress in manufacturing a wide range of indigenous equipment, making the armed forces self-sufficient in the military field.

Iranian officials have repeatedly stressed that the country will never stop working to build up its military capabilities for defense purposes.

Iran’s military’s advanced drones late last month managed to strike and destroy an array of ‘sensitive and vital’ false enemy targets using advanced weaponry with pinpoint accuracy on the second day of massive exercises throughout the country.

The Commander-in-Chief of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Major General Hossein Salami, on Thursday praised the achievements of the defense industry despite all the restrictions imposed on the country, saying that the forces armies are now ready to respond to all enemy threats at all levels. .

It was imperative for Iran to promote its military equipment and defense systems and narrow the gap with advanced countries in the face of growing capabilities and the rapid pace of technological gains on the world stage, the IRGC commander added.

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