Iran firmly resists enemies and will give “overwhelming” response to threats (navy commander)

A file photo of the Iranian Mowj-class frigate Sahand 74 (Photo by Mehr News Agency)

Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani said the naval forces will firmly resist enemies and give a harsh and overwhelming response to any threat and wrongdoing against the country’s territorial waters.

He added that Iran would respond to threats and hostile measures so decisively that enemies would regret their decision, the Tasnim News Agency reported on Saturday.

“We will respond firmly, harshly and decisively to any threat or action, in a way that will make [the enemies] regret[theiracts”hesaid[theiracts”hesaid[leursactes»a-t-ildéclaré[theiracts”hesaid

He said the Iranian navy was protecting the country’s territorial waters, adding that the naval forces were working around the clock to ensure the country’s maritime security.

The commander-in-chief stressed that despite the constant sanctions and threats against Iran, the country’s young people have succeeded in making the best and most modern equipment and in thwarting the misdeeds of the enemies.

“Although the Islamic Republic of Iran has always faced the three problems of sanctions, conspiracy and threats, we have controlled the malicious acts of the enemies well with the powerful presence of my comrades at sea and the production of the best and the best. most up-to-date equipment by the indigenous youth of the country, ”he said.

Last month, the Iranian navy commander said the Islamic Republic was at the forefront of the campaign to establish and promote international peace and friendship.

Irani stressed that the Islamic Republic’s navy can establish contacts with any country that has access to water, adding that Iran seeks to “increase and strengthen the friendship between the countries.”

Iran has embarked on a tireless effort to reconcile the level of its defensive might with the gravity of the threats it faces from its enemies, including the United States and Washington’s regional and extra-regional allies.

Relying solely on indigenous know-how and equipment, the Islamic Republic has developed its military might into a cutting-edge and efficient defensive machine that serves the country.

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