Iran readers club talks about poverty alleviation in China

An online activity of Overseas Chinese Literature Readers Club was held in Iran on July 26, 2022. [Photo provided to]

An online activity of the Overseas Chinese Literature Readers’ Club was held in Iran on Tuesday. The activity invited more than 30 people, including local publishers, translators, cultural figures and culture lovers, to gather in an Instagram conference room to talk about Chinese poverty alleviation in the book. Gaoqiang.

The book Gaoqiang, whose title literally means a kind of traditional Chinese opera, was published by Sichuan Tiandi Press and China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Co., Ltd. (CNPIEC) served as the copyright agency. The Persian version of the book was published in Iran in 2021.

The online activity was moderated by Amir Nueu, president of the Iranian publishing house Genia, which has contributed to the success of the publication of some Chinese books in recent years. In reference to why the book Gaoqiang was chosen this time, he said the book showed the value of China’s experience and achievements in poverty alleviation. “A country that can pull itself out of poverty globally is an incredible heroic undertaking,” he said.

The translators of the Persian version of the book Pegah Yazdanshenas and Hossein Khalifi were both impressed with the changes in the Chinese countryside that they learned while translating the book.

Iranian TV host Atefeh Heydari said that Gaoqiang is the first Chinese book she has finished reading in one sitting. At the same time, she was recording an audiobook for Gaoqiangwhich will be the first Chinese literature audiobook in Iran.

Literary critic Kambyz Manouchehrian said that contemporary Chinese literature, such as Gaoqiangcontains more or less the track of the rapid development of the times, either on material progress or on spiritual exploration.

Amir Nueu said during the activity that he hopes to strengthen cooperation with the Chinese Writers Association and CNPIEC, to help more Chinese books to be published in Iran and to organize more reading activities.

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