Iranian Academy of Arts holds digital art biennial of the Islamic world

TEHRAN – The Iranian Academy of Arts (IAA) plans to hold a digital art biennial of the Islamic world in 2022.

The biennial will open on May 16, which is celebrated annually as World Communication Day, IAA Multimedia Department Director Abdolhossein Laleh said in a press release on Sunday.

“This biennial aims to bring together eminent researchers, artists and academic figures from the Islamic world in order to provide them with an appropriate place to exchange their experiences and the results of their studies on digital art,” he said.

“In its constitution, the academy was tasked with monitoring the condition of the arts in all its forms at home and abroad, and digital art is a fairly new universal phenomenon and its impacts can be widely observed and evaluated. “, he added.

He noted that the arts in the modern world have been largely influenced by digital technology and added that the technology has been launched to improve the quality of works of art.

“Therefore, we need to follow developments around the world, especially in the Islamic world, and also probe the panorama of the use of digital art in countries,” Laleh said.

Due to the fact that the IAA is a center of study, he said that the biennial will focus on educational topics, but a collection of software and digital artwork examples will also be featured.

“It seems that countries in the Islamic world like Turkey and Malaysia have made great strides in this area and we hope our academics can use their experience during the biennial,” he added.

The IAA was established in 1998 “to safeguard national Islamic art and cultural heritage”.

President Hassan Rohani chose Bahman Namvar-Motlaq, a comparative literature graduate from Blaise Pascal University in France, to lead the IAA as the academy’s new director on March 9.

He is also the dean of the Farshchian University of Iranian-Islamic Arts established by Azad Islamic University in 2018.

He recently appointed actor Ali Nasirian to the IAA’s Dramatic and Dramatic Literature Department, and filmmaker Majid Majidi as Director of the IAA’s Film Department.

Photo: Islamic calligraphy on a digital artwork by Mazher Ali.


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