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After World War II, many countries around the world began to develop and grow their economic power, but Iran fell behind many other countries.

International institutions such as the World Bank addressed this issue in the early 1990s and eventually made it clear that “governance” is a key issue in the development strategy of poorly performing countries.

They then indexed this new category in the literature on development economics, which “ includes six components: corruption control, government efficiency, political stability, quality of laws and regulations, state of right, the right to comment and report, which is seen as a model of development and “good governance”.

But the Iranian government does not respect any of these clues. Even though government experts analyzed these clues about Iran, they were frightened by the results.

“A review of data and statistics from various institutions shows that Iran is not in a good position in terms of governance. This is evident in all the indicators that are built around the category of governance. Iran’s best ranking in 2018 is related to “ government efficiency, ” in which it is ranked 131st out of 209 countries.

“But for other indicators, it is in the bottom 50 out of more than 200 countries. The country’s position among the countries of the region (25 countries) is not very appropriate, so that in all indicators except the government efficiency index, it is considered one of the 10 last countries.

“Besides the World Bank, Iran is not in a favorable position in the eyes of other international institutions which have described good governance.” (Iranian Economic Research Institute / Ministry of Economy, May 2020)

In the above conclusions, the Minister of Communications, during his last days in office, confirmed that “good governance” in Iran only equates to the “survival” of the people and said: ” Like it or not, every day one of the thousands of faces of pain of poverty and deprivation pass before our eyes. The pain of “survival” to which we can neither ignore nor react. (Khabar Online, state-run, May 11, 2021)

In the index, Iran was ranked 131st in terms of “government efficiency,” which is considered good for regime officials.

But what is their opinion on the inflation which is linked to the subsistence baskets of the population?

“The biggest challenge we have in the country’s economy is the challenge of inflation. This chronic inflation, which has plagued us for more than four decades, reflects the inefficiencies and structural problems that exist in our economy.

“The result of all these inefficiencies in the economy will be increased inflation, because ultimately the government will have to solve these problems indirectly, without people realizing it, by creating money.

“In other words, the banking system has covered these imbalances by creating money. But the banking system itself suffered a greater imbalance which used up the resources of the central bank. (Tejarat State Daily, May 12, 2021)

One of the members of the Council of Opportunity regarding the suffering of the country’s economy and the ineffectiveness of the government said, “There is no doubt that the Iranian economy is in upheaval. Management is the main challenge for the country’s economy and we have been plagued by mismanagement in recent years. (Tejarat, May 12, 2021)

On the high costs and the pressure on the population, he added: “The prices have become so terrible that sections of society, especially minimum wage earners, are screaming what I can do, and the increase in wages and salaries can not meet. these costs, which translate into empty tables and the shame of the breadwinner of the family. (Tejarat, May 12, 2021)

And again, on the government’s inefficiency and irresponsibility, he added, “The fat and lazy government is running the affairs of the country. The presence of approximately 3.5 million government employees shows how much we depend on government desks and chairs to create jobs.

“This approach imposes many costs in the form of wages and salaries on the country’s economy, such that a large portion of government revenue is spent on government wages and benefits.” (Tejarat, May 12, 2021)

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