Iranian OUT OF NOWHERE releases ‘Personal’ music video ‘Dying Sun’

Iranian metalcore band Out Of Nowhere released their song “Dying Sun” after moving to Istanbul, Turkey. Since the premiere of their latest music video, “Blind Crow,” on the Knotfest website, the group has gone through the hardships that every immigrant faces. They captured these difficulties in their latest creative effort, “Dying Sun.”

Singer Amin says:

“’Dying Sun’ is closely tied to our immigration which was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. We had to leave our homes, families, jobs and friends to pursue what we worked hard for years because there was no room for us to progress in Iran. When we arrived in Turkey, we had to go through a difficult process to achieve a decent standard of living, which was one of the hardest times for our group. We intended to release new music sooner, but the immigration process didn’t allow us to get things done on schedule. But fortunately, we managed to solve these problems.

Every immigrant will tell you how difficult it is to leave everything behind and start a new life. Their new creative effort, “Dying Sun”, sees Out Of Nowhere transfer all the raw emotions related to the journey they went through last year

Amin continues:

“This song is our band’s diary chapter about not giving up on our dreams in the face of adversity and working hard for the things we all believe in while accepting the risks. Hope Dying Sun helps anyone in a similar situation to endure and keep pushing to achieve what they believe in. We chose the name “Dying Sun” because we are all like suns that come closer to their end every day, but we are also trying continue to shine despite this.

The Turkish scene is far superior for local artists to Iran because unlike Iran, Turkish artists are allowed to perform live and even perform at major festivals without any unnecessary concerns like the government intervention. Out Of Nowhere is currently working on making local shows in Turkey. Fans should expect multiple singles and possibly a twelve-song LP in the future.

“Dying Sun” was mixed and mastered by Joonas Vuojolahti at Cold Truth Music Studios. The music video was directed by Darken Rush.

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