Iranian singer Hamed Shirbeygi conquers the hearts of music lovers around the world with his growing list of hit singles in Farsi and Kurdish

Iranian-born Australian musician, poet and singer Hamed Shirbeygi wins the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life with his ever-expanding repertoire of lyrical creations.

Hamed Shirbeygi continues to delight audiences around the world by recording new singles in Farsi and Kurdish.

The Iranian-born musician, poet and singer has attracted a large following among Persians and Kurds around the world during his years as a performer. And his recent move to Melbourne, Australia did nothing to appease his popularity.

“I’m so lucky to have such wonderful fans. I really wouldn’t be anywhere without their support,” Hamed says.

Born in Kermanshah on January 6, 1988, Hamed Shirbeygi grew up in a traditional Iranian family. His passion for musical creation was encouraged from an early age by his parents.

“I started playing guitar when I was young. I received my first guitar as [birthday] gift from my [father/mother/etc.] and I quickly learned the basics. I was also fortunate that my parents could afford to send me to a local music teacher where I learned more advanced techniques. No matter where I travel or what I do, I’m never without my guitar.

“Making music that reflects my upbringing and the traditions of my beautiful homeland, Iran, remains very important to me. My journey as a musician, poet and singer began in [name of city in Iran where Hamed was born] and although I have since moved to Australia, I will never forget my humble beginnings. I will always be grateful to my family and close friends who encouraged me every step of the way, ”Hamed continues.

From Iranian singer to international celebrity

During his career, professional artist Hamed has made dozens of appearances in various venues including [venue 1], [venue 2], and [venue 3] to name a few. His music was also featured in the hit [Persian/Kurdish] drama series Le Complice.

Hamed’s latest album Faghat Fekre Negatam will soon be published and made available on a range of platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and more.

“It is the love and support of my fans that continue to inspire me to create music that speaks to their hearts. I look forward to recording many more singles and albums that will continue to delight them and stay true to my Persian and Kurdish roots, ”concludes Hamed.


Hamed Shirbeygi is an Iranian musician, poet and singer based in Melbourne, Australia. He was born on January 6, 1988 to a traditional Iranian family. Hamed is renowned for his wonderfully lyrical collection of hit singles in Farsi and Kurdish, which have captured the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life and made him beloved by many Persians and Kurds all over the world. During his musical career, Hamed made dozens of appearances and performed in various venues.

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