Iranian singer Khalil Molanaei says life without music is unbearable

Khalil Molanaei is a renowned Iranian singer. He is an active and influential social media figure and is always in direct contact with his fans.

Khalil Molanaei is a hardworking artist who always tries to present attractive work to his fans.

Born in Kamyaran (Iran), he overcame his youthful problems and became a famous singer in Iran. He has released several music albums and has many fans, including “Sharabi Per La gorani” and “Nostalgia” Albums.

Khalil Molanaei in response to the question

that if you weren’t a singer, what job would you like to have?

Said: I can’t even imagine that I’m not a singer.

I love to sing and I can never live without music.

While to prevent the spread of the Corona virus in Iran, all music concerts have been canceled by the government.

But “Khalil Molanaei” was not sedentary during this period and is in contact with his fans.

Khalil Molanaei he is upset that he cannot see his fans up close and he always tries to sing for his fans on Instagram.

He plays live music for his fans every week on Instagram.

You can get a glimpse into the life of Khalil Molanaei and stay logged in to his Instagram page which bears the name ‘Khalil.molanaei.official“.

Khalil has a big dream right now, to see his fans again.

He hopes to give a free street concert in Iran soon after the end of Covid-19.

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