Iran’s National Commission for UNESCO Selects “No Prior Appointment” as Film of the Year

TEHRAN — The autism drama “No Prior Appointment” has been selected as Film of the Year by Iran’s National Commission for UNESCO.

This film was chosen for its special consideration for autism, the commission announced on Monday.

The acclaimed drama directed by Behruz Shoeibi is set to be reviewed Thursday at a meeting in the Kushk Hall of the Iranian Art Museum Garden in Tehran.

Shoeibi and producer Mahmud Babai will receive plaques of honor from the commission at the meeting, which will be attended by film and autism experts.

The film follows Yasmin, a woman who returns to her native country, Iran, after years of exile in Germany due to the death of her father. Her six-year-old autistic son makes her visit to Iran more difficult, however, during her short stay in Iran, she comes to a new understanding of humanity and death.

“No Prior Appointment” had its Iranian premiere at the 40th Fajr Film Festival in Tehran in February and won the Golden Simorgh for Best Film from a National Perspective.

The film also received more than ten awards at the National Will Manifestation Awards, a supplement at the Fajr Film Festival, and the awards are given to films that promote the issues pursued by certain organizations and public institutes. The organizations’ juries select the winners of the films screened at the Fajr Film Festival every year.

The Astan Quds Razavi, the organizational custodian of Imam Reza (AS) Holy Shrine, Mashhad Municipality, was among the centers honoring the film.

Scenes of the drama were filmed on location in Mashhad, the city in northeastern Iran that houses the Imam Reza (AS) shrine.

He has also received awards from the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts.

Photo: Saber Abar performs in a scene from ‘No Prior Appointment’.


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