Luke Haines & Peter Buck Present…All The Kids Are Super Bummed Out…Brand New Double Album To Be Released October 28, 2022 – Metal Planet Music

All the kids are super disappointed is the second album/collaboration between Luke Haines (Authors/Baader/Meinhof/Black Box Recorder) and Peter Buck (REM).

After a chance encounter in 2019 when Peter bought one of Luke’s paintings online (Lou Reed, £99.00), the pair decided to collaborate on what turned out to be their debut album Beat Poetry For Survivalists.

Songs about legendary rocket scientists and occultist Jack Parsons had to wait almost two years to get a proper live release when Luke, Peter and the band toured the UK, culminating in two nights at sold out at the 100 Club in April 2022.

Over the past two years, during the lockdowns. Luke and Peter retreated to a Cold War bunker and recorded this double album/manifesto; monster piece and masterpiece, in response to the question: Why are all the kids super disappointed?

There are mantraps at the bottom of the garden for falling fighter pilots. Richard Dadd’s father has seen it all; Richard Dadd murdered his father (the children sang) and then hid in the maze. Marshall Applewhite wore a Guy Burgess mask and traded nude videos of Anthony Blunt.

Given by a gang of passing monkeys and angels), I listened to the sound of North Korean cheerleaders blasting themselves over the speakers at the maze’s outer perimeter and found my way to the sundial, where I would bide my time drawing pictures of flying children until the helicopter arrived. I was eventually bundled up inside the cockpit by a Branch Davidian.

We are constantly under attack from the air,” said someone claiming to be a brigadier. “No shit, Sherlock,” I said, looking up at the roof of the embassy. “Are you still an occasional psychedelic sitar”? said the shrouded mourner, who had spent the last half-century mourning Valentino. “I’ll let you know,” I replied, and continued to draw the flying children.

Peter Buck plays guitar and feeds LSD to a broken Moog synthesizer. Luke Haines – sings songs about God, occasionally plays guitar and plays panpipes. Scott McCaughey – plays bass and mellotron, and Linda Pitmon hits the ritual drum.

Lenny Kaye arrives and has a nightmare in the do-wop key.

Luke Haines and Peter Buck will play gigs in the US, Europe and the UK in early 2023

Side 1
1) The British Army on LSD
2) The sky is full of crazy machines
3) Sunburn
4) 45 revolutions

Side 2
1) Won’t even get out of bed
2) Relaxed Psychedelic Sitar
3) Underground Earth Stomp
4) The eggs are coming
5) The first time I met God
Side 3
1) Minimalist household burns
2) Leave the space (all the kids are super disappointed)
3) Iranian Embassy Headquarters

Side 4
1) You are my kind of guru
2) Flying people
3) Diary of a Shitty Artist
4) And we will
5) Waiting for UFOs.

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