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Master Chief and the weapon in Halo Infinite from 343 Industries.

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With Infinite halo, 343 Industries and Microsoft want the sixth major entry in the llong-standing shooting franchise feel like a smooth restart of the series, especially when it comes to the relationship between the Master Chief and his AI Cortana’s buddy. After his supposed death at the end of Halo 4, and Halo 5 setting him up as a digital dictator enlisting other AIs to rule the cosmos were decisions reviled by fans, Infinite is in a strange place. Does he want to skate through the events of Halo 5 and focus on a new adventure, or does he want to speak directly to his predecessor?

The answer is … sort of both, but in a bit of a weird way. And it is mainly because of this power plant Halo relationship between Master Chief and Cortana.

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Revealed before the game’s release, much of infinity the story is about Chief’s new AI buddy, the Weapon (voiced by Halo veterinarian Jen Taylor, who … well, Cortana voice). Created by the UNSC with the express intention of capturing and deleting Cortana for her past crimes in Halo 5The Weapon is just as spiritual as its predecessor, but coded as considerably younger and more pleasant. With her eyes staring at the Forerunner architecture and naive nature, the dynamic between her and Chief makes it seem like 343 is launching into make daddy play than AAA developers (in particular those from Sony, about guys with children and dead women in their lives) like to dive from time to time. The writing fully embraces this as the weapon jokes about Chief’s stoic lines and makes up names for a new kind of alien enemies encountered in Infinite called infinity. Sometimes that new youthful trick works, like when she gives a pep talk to the frustrated pilot in a way the Master Chief just isn’t fully emotionally equipped to do. Other times it’s a really naked attempt at nostalgia for fans of the original. Halo from 343, though the charisma between Steve Downes’ boss and Taylor’s AI manages to make it legit enough that you don’t mind the obvious bait.

How much Halo Infinite Narrative work regarding these two will depend entirely on how you feel about Chief and Cortana’s relationship in previous games. Reading their relationship as romantic in some way has never been very difficult, even if it’s just for a joke, and both this game and Halo 3 use cryptic visions to show how Chief struggles to deal with his longtime partner who is no longer there, and much of Halo 4The Master Chief story has also seen the Master Chief grapple with the possibility of losing Cortana forever. When you walk around Forerunner structures in Infinite Occasionally, the Boss will hear Cortana’s voice, making it clear that she will stay on his mind forever because of the years they’ve been together. The Weapon, acting both as a facsimile of this woman he loves and a reminder of what he could still lose, baffles Chief. However, taciturn as he always is, he is not able to properly express these fears or concerns beyond a handful of words most of the time.

Master Chief and Cortana in Halo 5: Guardians.

Picture: 343 Sectors

As much as Infinite wants you to feel like you’re replaying the original game, but on a new Xbox it’s not completely able to get rid of it Halo 5the story of luggage. When the game is aimed directly at his predecessor, he can’t help but ping pong between a guy who is learning to parent and a guy who keeps seeing his ex in his new partner. Since the weapon is a copy of Cortana, but if the couple had never met before, The chief is ready to trigger the integrated security which will remove it if he needs it. It takes it a step further when in-game flashbacks reveal that Cortana’s quest for the AI ​​revolution at the height of Halo 5 saw his mechanical superweapons, the Guardians, destroy the homeworld of Infinitethe main villain of, the banished boss Atriox. However, because her ex is no longer there, Chief must take the punches that were originally intended for Cortana herself.

Once the weapon learns that the leader is ready to activate its fail-safe at any time, it begins to become passive aggressive. Valid because it is for her to shoot the leader and denounce the safety to the pilot so that he takes his side, the mission where all this happens really shows how young she is supposed to be. When she blows up the boss and asks him to trust her after she’s done nothing but help, the timing doesn’t go as planned as it feels less like a natural point of conflict in the relationship between the leader and the gun, and more like it’s only there because that’s just what the game stories about single parents with kids finally do . But if you have the relationship between the Chief and Cortana in mind – as 343 invites you to make such a direct copy of the weapon – these hostile interactions read as stranger than the game intended. It’s a remix of that symbiotic relationship from the past, yes, but the romantic undertones of that relationship are also still there, despite Infinite doing his best not to take this path again.

Through InfiniteConclusion, the leader and the weapon (who decided to name themselves, although we are not told what) have learned to trust each other, and the leader himself enjoys a semblance of peace with his former partner. . Players eventually discover that Cortana apparently perished for good during the events between Halo 5 and Infinite, discovering a message she leaves for the leader that serves both as an apology for her past actions and a passing of the torch in terms of partnering with the Army – in the hope that both will be sufficiently aware of them – same to prevent the circumstances that condemned Cortana in Halo 5 to occur a second time. As far as the 343 game trilogy has had no trouble portraying the Chief and Cortana’s relationship as a tragic romance, whatever they do with him and the weapon now that this torch has been passed will have to find a way. some concentration, so that’s not the case. the impression of being a strange retread of what came before.

Infinite halo is now available on Xbox and PC.

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