Meet the University of Connecticut (UConn) MFA Studio Art Class of 2025. Working in a wide range of artistic creations, the class includes:

  • Mahsa Attaran is a Persian photographer, visual artist and fashion designer who explores surrealism, history, culture, family ties and social justice. She is obsessed with family history and the authenticity behind it. She created the word FICTURAL to describe her work, which stands for Fictional-Cultural. His work consists of nuances of Persian culture, art and architecture, combined with fictional elements to help the audience imagine their individual stories.
  • Amira Brown is an artist who uses his work to witness and capture the various black psychological intricacies that elude rational language by layering various stories into the work while recording their own nuances, they use various materials and substrates from their environment.
  • Monica Hamilton worked for the Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency at Collar Work, taught with the Boston Photography Workshops, and collaborated with other artist collectives such as BODYSONNET. Monica works primarily with the medium of photography, exploring themes of portraiture, female experience, the passage of time and its connection to the grieving process.
  • Hanieh KashaniThe work of aims to show and critique the structures that in one way or another prevent humanity from accessing freedom, transforming it into a predictable being and imposing closed and unoriginal ideologies that act like a vaccine that robs them of true freedom. She uses various mediums such as video, performance and installation, of which simplicity and fluidity are the basic components. The aim is to engage the audience mentally and physically with the idea that the current situation has been shaped by history and that description and introspection will eventually lead to outside influences.
  • Anna Schwartz is an artist whose work centers on themes of memory and the development of historical narratives. Working primarily in painting, as well as investigations in his broader field, his work investigates cases of loss, collapse and recovery; questioning what we lose when we remember, and what we deem worthy of recovery and preservation in conscious memory.

UConn’s MFA Studio Art program is a fully-funded three-year graduate program that supports a wide range of art with an international faculty and generous facilities. The program concludes with an exhibition at a New York gallery and a thesis exhibition at the William Benton Museum of Art at UConn. The application deadline is January 15, 2023.

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