Members of the jury of the national competition section of TISFF

According to the Public Relations of Tehran International Short Film Festival, the jury members are:

Ensie Shahhosseini

Born in 1954 in Gorgan. Writer and director. Graduated in cinematographic direction.

She has written screenplays such as “Del Namak”, “Let’s not muddy the brook”, “Pourya Vali”, “Avinar”, “Rush, Sun’s gone”,

“Good Night Commander” and has directed several short fiction and documentary films, such as “Baloch Children”, “The Last Day of Summer”, “Opportunity” and the films “Penalty” and “More Beautiful Than Life”.

She has received numerous awards, including the Special Prize of the Catholic Church for her human gaze at the Carlo Vivari Film Festival in the Czech Republic, the Special People’s Prize from the International Film

Sicily Festival in Italy, the Crystal Simorgh and the award for best national film, and she won seven awards in the national section of the Fajr festival.

Shahhosseini succeeded in obtaining the first degree in art (doctorate) from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

Manouchehr Shahsavari

Born in 1957 in Tehran. Film producer and writer. Graduated from the School of Television and Cinema. The current CEO of Khaneh cinema.

He has produced several films and TV shows, including “Mazar-e Sharif”, “Monsoon Season”, “A Real Report”, “Trouble” and the series “In Your Shelter”, “Road”, “Hello Mr. Manager And … has in his file. Shahsavari also

was the designer and production manager of other works.

He is also a member of the Council of the Union of Iranian Film Producers and Distributors, Chairman of the Union’s Central Council, Chairman of the Council of the Projection Guild, representative of Khanehcinema in the

Licensing Board of the Iranian Cinema Centennial Festival, and he was also the director of the foreign films department of the Farabi Cinema Foundation (FCB).

Mohamed Taghi Fahim

Born in 1956 in Torbat Heydariyeh. Critic, documentary maker and cultural expert He has directed more than fifteen documentaries and short films, including the short film “Golhaye Tar” and the documentaries “Sodaei”, “Tanin Meraj”,

“Zardsalaran” and “Malkhi Ghool Shod”.

Fahim has been active in the press field and is the former editor-in-chief of film magazines “Pilban” and “Cinema Media” and a former IRNA cultural consultant and has participated in film critic programs such that “Haft”.

He has been a jury for more than 60 art film festivals and a consultant and cinematographic expert for the Martyr Foundation.

Marjan Ashrafi Zade

Born in 1981 in Khuzestan. Writer, director and film lecturer, and master of dramatic literature at the University of the Arts.

She has directed short films such as “Above the Road”, “From Minus One”, “Seventh Season”, “Silence after Whisper”, directing

two TV movies “Lock is the Key” and “Jauzam” And the movie “Abji” and wrote several TV series.

Ashrafizadeh has won numerous awards for his shorts and won the titles for Best Film at the Herat Women’s Film Festival, Best Actor at the Beijing Film Festival, Best Actor at the Brooklyn Film Festival, and Best Action Film at the American Film Festival. for “Abji”.

She has now been selected as the director of the twelfth Academy Awards of the Iranian Short Film Association (ISFA).

Mehdi Khoramian

Born in 1969 in Yazd. Director and animation teacher. Bachelor’s degree in animation from the Faculty of radio and television and master’s degree in graphic arts.

He has directed several animations, short films and experimental films such as “Green is the Friendship color”, “Legend of Blossom”, “Cut”, “Normo”, “Alchemist” and “Soozanban”.

Khorramian has won awards including Golden Camera Festival Diploma and Golden Camera, Isfahan Children’s Festival Best Animation, Short Film Festival First Prize, London Festival Best Animated Film Award and the prize for the best use of special effects.

He was CEO of Iranian Association of Animation Filmmakers (ASIFA), member of DEFC Animation Council, Textbook Writing Commission, ASIFA International, member of Animation Department of IYCS and member of a jury of more than 20 animation festivals.

Reza Teymouri

Born in 1976. Director, director of photography and director of photography.

He has directed 14 short films such as “Liberation”, “Salmon”, “The third day of December” and “The girl who had the cloud” and in documentaries such as “Blacks of southern Iran”, “Nez Iranian style “,” We are half the Iranian population “and” People in the one-way streets “and short films” Who was another “,” Death of the hands “and … was present as cameraman. He also participated as a cameraman in several films such as “Be Calm and Count to Seven”, “Tehran Child”, “A Long Day” and “Another”.

Teymouri has won awards such as Best KODAK Photography, Best Photography at Dubai Film Festival, Best Photography at Istanbul Film Festival, Best Photography at Khanehcinema Festival and Crystal Simorgh for Best Photography at Dubai Film Festival. Fajr film.

Reza Fahimi

Born in 1987 in Rafsanjan. Graduated in Film Direction and MA in Dramatic Literature from Soore University in Tehran. Member of the Iranian Short Film Association (ISFA).

He has directed short films such as “One like me”, “Went with another Man”, “Cloudy Children”, “White vêtu” and the feature film “Life Again”.

Fahimi has received awards such as Best Director and Film at the Tehran Short Film Festival, Best Film at the Zero Plus Festival in Russia, Best Film from Romania, Dietiatko Ukraine, Best Asian Film from Japan Short Short Festival and Oscar qualifying festivals. 2016. Also, the film “White dressed” will be the only representative of Iran at the Oscars 2022 after receiving the grand prize of the Tehran International Short Film Festival.

He participated in the short film festivals of Khorshid, Nahal and Tehran as a selection committee.

Directed by Sadeq Mousavi, the 38th Tehran International Short Film Festival opened in the Iran Mall cinema complex on October 19 and will end on October 24. This edition of TISFF has been endorsed by the Oscars, commonly known as OSCARS®, and has become the only OSCARS® qualifying festival in Iran involving 64 works from 32 countries and 125 directors.


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