Milan Unfair presents works by Iranian artists

TEHRAN — Works by six Iranian artists were featured at Unfair, an international art exhibition held at Superstudio Maxi in Milan, Italy, from April 7-10.

Nian Gallery located in Tehran sent works by Siamak Azmi, Vahid Hosseinpur, Maryam Razavi, Amir-Hossein Dezfuli, Tabit Aram and Maryam Tabatabai to the art fair.

The gallery’s mission is to focus on the recognition and promotion of Iranian contemporary art and culture, through the creation of a standardized platform for individual and collective exhibitions, supporting all forms of movement contemporary intellectuals.

He creates a suitable context to communicate with different levels of contemporary world art and attends various international events.

The gallery believes that today, taking into account the different forms of media is essential to communicate in the contemporary world.

Unfair was born in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, at a time when Italy and many other countries were living in suspense, waiting for the end of a prolonged lockdown which also forced the art world to pause and to think of new avenues.

It was established as an ironic denial of the original concept of a fair. Unfair aims to be the out-the-box alternative to the contemporary art fair. It aims to offer new ways to interact with the art world, involving and creating new generations of collectors and supporting the art system, galleries and artists who are making history today.

It is committed to sustainability and equal opportunity; it is inclusive and supports cultural diversity.

The fair reacts, works for a new beginning and wants to create space for new relationships. He works off the beaten path to bring contemporary art closer to a new and wider audience, supporting both galleries, artists and today’s artistic production.

Photo: A painting by Siamak Azmi.


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