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Ukraine war: Putin to visit Iran on rare international trip

Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Iran on Tuesday, on his second trip abroad since he launched the invasion of Ukraine in February.

Mr Putin will meet Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Grain exports, Syria and Ukraine will be discussed in Tehran, a Turkish official said.

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Republicans brace for $52 billion computer chip bill, adding momentum

Leading Republicans are preparing to pass a bill that provides about $52 billion in incentives for the semiconductor industry now that Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has quashed the idea of ​​imposing higher taxes raised to the wealthy and corporations under a separate Democrat-only regime. effort.

Three weeks ago, the computer chip bill appeared to be in trouble despite bipartisan support. That’s when Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said there would be no such bill as long as Democrats pursue what he called a ” of partisan reconciliation”. But Manchin’s decision to drastically reduce the Democratic effort and scrap the tax hikes appears to have opened the door to Republican cooperation on semiconductors.

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A fundamental teaching challenge has become even more difficult during the pandemic

The impact of the pandemic on children has been so uneven that many American classrooms now have a wider range of student ability, with more students falling well below grade level, according to new data from test. This has made the job of teachers more difficult and put the prospect of a return to school even further out of reach for many students.

While classrooms have always had a mix of students, with some above grade level and some below, research from the NWEA – a testing organization that analyzed math and reading given to 8.3 million students in grades three to eight over the past three years – shows that the pandemic has exacerbated these differences.

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A deadly virus has just been identified in Ghana: what you need to know about Marburg

After the coronavirus pandemic and rising cases of monkeypox, news of another virus can trigger nerves globally. The highly infectious Marburg virus was reported this week in Ghana, a West African country, according to the World Health Organization.

Two unrelated people have died after testing positive for Marburg in the southern Ashanti region of the country, the WHO announced on Sunday, confirming laboratory results from the Ghana Health Service. The highly infectious disease is similar to Ebola and has no vaccine.

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Profile of a GOP voter: Democrat interference targets hunters and country music fans

Democrats backing a far-right Republican gubernatorial candidate in Maryland are targeting a particular class of voters: She likes hunting and country music, has no interest in yoga or public libraries, and lives in one of the richest zip codes in America.

Those are just some of the targeting criteria for a Democratic Governors Association ad campaign touting Republican Dan Cox’s conservative good faith ahead of Tuesday’s Maryland GOP primary, according to Meta Ads Targeting Data.

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GOP attorney general nominees face off over open records request

A five-month-old request for open records has become a point of contention in the Wisconsin Republican attorney general primary.

Attorney and former state representative Adam Jarchow said the response (or lack thereof) shows Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney cannot be trusted to serve as open government expert. Toney says his office — like other district attorneys — is doing its best to balance casework demands with prosecutorial duties, all with limited resources.

The request — submitted by Erin Fern to Toney’s office on Feb. 16 — is for the following documents:

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Democrat Kaul earns nearly $860,000 over 6 months

Democratic Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul raised nearly $860,000 in the first half of the year for his re-election bid this fall.

Kaul’s fundraising was nearly double that of any of his Republican rivals. Former state representative Adam Jarchow said he raised more than $445,000 in the first six months of the year.

Jarchow raised more than four times as much as his main Republican rival, Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney, who said he raised $102,000.

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GOP candidate Michels reworks flyer to clear NRA endorsement

Republican Wisconsin Governor Tim Michels’ hopeful’s campaign is reworking a flier that falsely claims he won the endorsement of the National Rifle Association, claiming the statement was a mistake.

Michels has already won the endorsement of former President Donald Trump and a nod from the NRA would have marked another big win for him ahead of the Aug. 9 election.

Michels’ campaign sent out a flyer that landed in mailboxes on Saturday, saying the gun advocacy group had endorsed it. Scott Meyer, a Wisconsin lobbyist who worked for the NRA, said the group hadn’t endorsed anyone in the GOP primary and had no plans to.

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Bernie Sanders backs Mandela Barnes for US Senate

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, D-Vermont, endorsed Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes in Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate primary race on Monday. Sanders joins a growing list of supporters from progressive members of Congress in Barnes’ bid to take on Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson this fall.

In a Monday morning tweet, Sanders said Barnes’ upbringing as the son of a public school teacher and auto union in Milwaukee means the lieutenant governor “knows the struggles of the working class”.

“His agenda advances the interests of working families, not the billionaire class,” Sanders said.

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Wisconsin dentist sent to jail for damaging patients’ teeth to get insurance money

A Wisconsin dentist who intentionally knocked out patients’ teeth to fix them and get insurance money has been convicted.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Scott Charmoli, 62, of Grafton, was telling patients they needed crowns on their teeth when they didn’t need them. He then faked x-rays and damaged the teeth beforehand to make sure insurance companies would pay for the procedures.

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