Music, art and side events at Xarkis Festival 2021

It’s almost time for the three-day interactive festival, Xarkis 2021, with side events and musical performances on the schedule. Art installations found throughout the Lympia Village Festival grounds include work by architect Thanos Vozikis and designer Anastasia Melandinou who will exhibit a modern, digitized investigation of traditional methods and building materials for rural communities. of Cyprus to highlight their ecological impact. Iranian artist Sepideh Behrouzian will offer an interactive game, through which a series of reflections and positions are shared, on the destruction of the environment and the deterioration of the social bond. Artist Alexandra Pampouka creates an installation that concerns the place and its inhabitants, emphasizing the collection / reuse of waste and the use of biodegradable materials.

A group of architecture students from the University of Nicosia participate in an installation workshop with tutors Adonis Cleanthous and Yiorgos Hatzichristou. Warsaw-based artist Zofia Komasa is preparing an in situ performance and participatory adventure that will research natural scenes for the local community. Cypriot artist Yeti Yeti is designing a large-scale mural, which will capture ideas and images that emerged from discussions with festival attendees and the people of Lympia.

Several parallel actions will also take place. Nicosia’s bicycle mayor, Marina Kyriakou, will organize a bike ride through the village, exploring nature and features of the community, while there will be a walk through the agro-ecological district with George Tzioni. Kyriakos Kyriakou coordinates a thematic quiz on Lympia and beyond, with fun facts about the surrounding environment and Chris Vrettos offers an interactive lecture with the audience on the different ways in which environmental and social systems are connected in space and the world. time, while the Koinon Olympion team creates furniture with reused materials that will be placed in parts of the community’s public space.

Of course, it would not be a festival without music and on October 15 and 16 the public will have the opportunity to attend concerts with artists like Androula Kafa, as well as a choral ensemble of women, who will present a performance. which deals with the psychology and philosophy of the climate crisis in an attempt to understand the present.

Audiovisual artist Panagiotis Mina draws inspiration from personal experiences, country life and developing a close relationship with more rural environments, and presents work made from materials from her residency in the Xarkis program Multi-Residency. Singer Agona Shporta from Kosovo will share her experiences of engaging and activating communities through music, her curiosity for the soundscape, musical heritage and stories of Lympia and Cyprus in general.

Maly-Mály – Vassilis Filippou and Odysseas Toumazou – will stage a concert with original compositions as well as adaptations of traditional songs on the relationship between man and nature. Musician Stella N Christou will present her audio work which results from the collection of sounds, words and materials while Cypriot rapper JuΛio will perform his own compositions, with punchy lyrics delivered exclusively in Cypriot dialect.

All the musicians who will be welcomed at the Xarkis Festival are completed by the award-winning group Monsieur Doumani.

The festival ends with Masa Potluck, a celebration and reunion, again an initiative of the Xarkis team, which will be co-hosted with members of the local community. This action includes a farewell event and a collective dinner, to which the inhabitants of the village as well as the festival participants, will bring food or drinks, made from materials produced by the region to be shared around a large table.

Xarkis Festival 2021 – Back to basics

Annual festival with participatory workshops, art installations, side events, live music and a residency program. October 15-17. Lympia village, Nicosia. Tickets: 25 € for 3 days, 12 € for 1 day. Phone. : 97-676011. [email protected]

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