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At a ceremony attended by Iran’s Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri and Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani on Sunday in the port city of Bandar Abbas , in the south of the country, the new local equipment joined the navy fleet.

The craft included two missile ships, a logistics warship and a Qadir-class submarine.

In remarks at the event, Rear Admiral Irani said the new products would improve the Iranian Navy’s combat capabilities.

He also noted that the Navy has expanded and updated the capabilities of its corvettes, whose systems have been upgraded in terms of mobility, agility and durability with advanced technologies.

The commander also said that the Navy’s first boat division carrying various military unmanned aerial vehicles has officially joined the active fleet.

The naval division consists of military vessels and submarines carrying a wide range of combat, reconnaissance and suicide drones.

The drones aboard the naval division include state-of-the-art aircraft manufactured by the Iranian military and the Ministry of Defense in cooperation with knowledge centers, including the Pelican, Homa, Arash, Chamrosh, Jubin, Ababil-4 and Bavar-5.

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