Non-Bank fintech Lender sees record growth and need for bridging loans continues to grow

Brokers’ continued need for new bridge loan options for clients is helping lender achieve record growth.

The need for bridging loans

With the increased need for bridging loans when a client has purchased a new property before they have sold their current property, products have become the number one solution for brokers and their clients, the Gold Coast-based fintech offers loans from $20,000 to over $10,000,000 with LVRs up to 65% and more, the unique prepaid offer and capitalized interest on the loan amount with no outstanding fees or charges. box offer code and non-code loans for transition, business and construction purposes with loan terms of up to 36 months with a simple and transparent fee structure and no commission recovery this keep separating them from banks and other lenders

The broker originated the need for

Brokers continue to offer a service that many lenders cannot to deliver, being available when a client needs it and having the client’s interests at heart. Lending at any time can be stressful, especially when you need a loan quickly or when other lenders won’t help. It is therefore extremely valuable for clients to have a trusted advisor such as a broker to help you through this period. Having brokers offering brings their products to more and more people, which saw achieve record growth in new broker accreditation, with double-digit growth figures leading to record amounts of new loans, driving their loan book growth to an all-time high.

Meet the needs of brokers a quick decisions and quick settlement products are digitally designed and delivered to meet any deadline or broker scenario must meet, be able to give a broker a credit decision within two hours and the ability to settle a loan within three days for a client allows a broker to deliver the best service on the market for short-term transition funding. meets the needs of brokers

Broker accreditation has now seen double-digit growth every month in 2022, leading to a record number of broker offers to their customers. Broker accreditation is in progress an hour and gives the broker the ability to quote online and deposit directly via website or aggregation portals.

The ability to look at business and construction lending purposes in no-code agreements as well as consumer bridging loans creates a unique product offering for brokers with has partnerships, including AFG, VOW and YBR.

Broker support and tools help brokers offer clients

The Broker portal allows brokers to submit and track their quotes and inquiries including see their loan portfolio and their fees. It also includes a broker toolkit with product guides, a credit handbook, fact sheets, client guides and forms, and product education and training modules. for brokers. offers the #1 bridging product on the market, delivered quickly to brokers and keep supporting Brokers by the expansion of their experienced BDM team and growing its credit team which provides direct access to quote offers instantly, credit advice, broker support, negotiation workshops and any product training required.

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Non-Bank fintech Lender sees record growth and need for bridging loans continues to grow


Last update: September 20, 2022

Posted: September 19, 2022

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