Opening of the Yakub Kolas and Omar Khayyam exhibition in Minsk


MINSK, May 19 (BelTA) – The exhibition “Yakub Kolas and Omar Khayyam: The Wisdom of Life in the Speech of Poetry” opened at the Yakub Kolas State Literary and Memorial Museum on May 18, BelTA learned.

Iranian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Belarus Saeed Yari said that the exhibition being presented on the occasion of International Museum Day had a very symbolic dimension. The diplomat stressed that the works of the classics of Belarusian and Iranian literature Yakub Kolas and Omar Khayyam are carefully preserved by the peoples of both countries and passed down from generation to generation.

It was pointed out during the opening of the exhibition that Yakub Kolas and Omar Khayyam are powerful dominants of Belarusian and Iranian cultures. Their works are a special collection of philosophical thoughts and approaches to reality. The poetry of Yakub Kolas and Omar Khayyam is the culmination of their long and difficult journey to the truth. Although they lived in different times, in different countries and belonged to different religions, the center of their work was man. They have created an encyclopedia of life, a wise code of life in poetic form.

The poetic wisdom of Omar Khayyam is demonstrated in one of the most complex genre forms of Persian rubai – original philosophical and lyrical quatrains. Omar Khayyam is the unsurpassed master of this genre. His works are characterized by the precision of observation and the depth of understanding of the world and of the human soul, the brilliance of images and the refinement of rhythm. Yakub Kolas’ poem The New Land is a wise encyclopedia of Belarusian rural life in the late 19th-early 20th century. The wisdom of Yakub Kolas’ life lies in the worldview itself and is embodied in the detailed description of many realities of life. The New Land is a personal universe, where everything exists in a harmonious “nature-man” formula.

Maria Mitskevich, the granddaughter of the Belarusian classic, stressed during the meeting that the poets Yakub Kolas and Omar Khayyam are humanists, the human being and his spiritual world are above all for them. Their poetry reveals the value of every moment of human life. Omar Khayyam reveals it through generalization, while Yakub Kolas – through details.

The Yakub Kolas library has a book by Alisher Navoi, the poet and thinker, who created his literary works in Persian, Turkish, Uzbek and Uyghur. This book was brought from Tashkent, where Yakub Kolas and his family were evacuated in 1941-1943. It is likely that the Belarusian classic knew Omar Khayyam. In addition, the philosophical words of the Persian poet interested the youngest son of Yakub Kolas, Mikhail Mitskevich. He loved to read Omar Khayyam and brought one of the poet’s books translated into Russian from Tashkent in the 1970s.

The presentation was attended by representatives of the Iranian Embassy in Belarus, the Belarusian Ministry of Culture, foreign diplomats and the creative intelligentsia.

Photos by Alina Grishkevich


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