Otaghak, Rent a suite similar to Airbnb

While we all want to enjoy our trip without worry or conflict, one of the issues that can always bother us is finding a suitable place to stay.

Of course, we often planned to travel, but we were worried about finding a convenient location in the destination city; Finding a hotel or suite with our favorite features may have been difficult before and required a lot of time and patience. But today, with the advancement of technology and the emergence of a successful site like the Otaghak, https://www.otaghak.com, which is a successful example of the Airbnb site, travelers can travel by safe between different cities.

For example, otaghak is working on Tehran Suite location .

What is Airbnb?
Airbnb is a successful overseas site that helps travelers find accommodations for a few days while traveling. Many options with unique characteristics detailed on the site will help travelers in their choice. But what about Iran?

Airbnb in Iran

Indeed, Iran has a four-season climate, beautiful mountains and seas, vast deserts and forests, unique architecture, beautiful villages and big advanced cities, rich and different cultures from north to south, etc. In this way, Iran is the destination of many Iranian and international tourists. Inside the country, Iranians travel to other towns and villages in their free time and enjoy Iran’s pristine nature. Foreign tourists choose Iran as the final destination to visit this diversity. In the meantime, the presence of a site, advanced at Airbnb level, which can offer accommodation quickly to travelers is essential.

After entering the Otaghak site, there appear a lot of options that can help you choose the best location. Easy access to alternatives such as departure date, return date, city of residence, number of people traveling, etc. are among the important features of the Otaghak site. These options are exactly like those on the Airbnb site.

Common feature between Otaghak and Airbnb

By selecting these options, you click on the search button and a list of suites or hotels that best suit your situation will appear. Many of these options have big discounts that will make your trip enjoyable. Some of these places are called “last minute places” and have a much higher discount than others. All the options available to you have a large number of photos in order to make a better choice and to be fully aware of the conditions of your accommodation are.

Moreover, the site is quite similar to the master in terms of having an app that can be installed on smartphones. In the toolbar at the top of both sites, you can see the option to download the app from different sources like Google Play, Bazaar,
Myket, etc. With the help of the app, access to accommodation selection options becomes more accessible. This way you can book your temporary home anytime and anywhere.

If you haven’t even chosen your destination yet, you can visit Otaghak’s site and select it by looking at the different emotions it suggests to you. These destinations are selected from all the accommodations that meet your needs. For example, if you are looking for a luxury villa, a country house, an elegant apartment or a wooden cottage, add more filters in your search. This option is also designed on the Airbnb site according to the types of accommodation available in each country.

Besides people who visit the site or use the Otaghak app to choose their location, like the Airbnb site, you can find a hosting option at the top of the site. Thus, each person can accommodate travelers thanks to a reception area.

To register your accommodation on the Otaghak site, you must complete a form similar to the one posted on the Airbnb site. This form includes three main steps:

– Entering information such as address and contact number.

– Upload photos of the space you have available.

– Determine the details of this place.

If you want to increase your income by increasing the number of passengers who book your accommodation, the Otaghak site and Airbnb have prepared various articles for you which mention the points necessary to attract more people. Also, in the Frequently Asked Questions section, you will see questions with their answers that many people have already discussed. Otaghak experts answered these questions in detail. It is a common feature between the Otaghak and the famous Airbnb site to increase user information in the easiest way.

If you have any questions as a traveler or host or need help filling out forms, our support team will provide the service. The policies used on the Otaghak site are similar to those of international sites such as the Airbnb site. In this way, Otaghak’s goal is to provide an enjoyable experience for travelers and an easy, hassle-free income for hosts, in accordance with international standards and quality.

You can also see the official awards that Otaghak has achieved on his way to this fascinating level from world leaders such as Airbnb at the bottom of the site.

Otaghak, Rent a suite similar to Airbnb


Finally, as the tourism industry around the world is growing, the number of people leaving their homes to enjoy a comfortable and worry-free trip is increasing day by day. These people need a great place to rest and stay during their trip. The famous Otaghak site (https://www.otaghak.com/), as the most popular site for many years, helps travelers find accommodation and earn money for hosts. In many ways, the Otaghak site is a complete and successful example of the famous Airbnb site dedicated to finding accommodation in foreign countries. The similarities between Otaghak and Airbnb in user-friendly panels, security, diversity, vast options, discounts, and more, have made these two sites the best Iranian and foreign sites in this area.

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