Overcome restrictions on famous Iranian rapper and singer Big Mori to hold rap and hip-hop concerts in Iran

Obtaining an official license to release songs is one of the biggest concerns of a singer. To obtain this permit, you must go to the Ministry of Orientation of Iran. Many singers are currently working in Iran with a license. But you should know that most of them are active singers in the field of pop music. Licensing of rappers is very important today, and so far, many Persian-speaking rappers have asked the Ministry of Guidance to showcase their works of art. The difficulty of obtaining a license for a rapper is more than singers of other genres. Because in Iran there is still stubborn opposition to rap music.

Now, with all the hardships to come, one of the famous Iranian rappers broke the taboo for the first time and could be the first and the first Iranian in Iranian history to bring a Persian rap concert on the music scene, Big Mori with the real name of Morteza Moradi. We have heard a lot of music from him. He was very active in holding the rap concert in Iran, and eventually he was able to make this ancient spell a reality by filling the main hall of the Milad Tower. The myth title was evoked with the heart and courage of rap in Iran, not to mention that Big Mori, while a successful musician, is also an extremely famous and professional athlete and bodybuilder in Iran.

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