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LUCKNOW: The retirement of 17 deans from their respective fields has left a void at Lucknow University, which will be difficult to replace, teachers say.
One of the retired teachers is Professor UN Dwivedi, an internationally renowned scientist, who is credited with the development of LU’s biochemistry department. A graduate of Michigan Technological University and North Dakota State University, he has authored more than 120 research papers over his 40-year career.
“Enzyme is a difficult branch. I cannot teach like Sir (Prof Dwivedi) did. He established a bioinformatics and tissue culture laboratory and a biotechnology subject in 2002, ”said Professor Sudhir Mehrotra, professor of biochemistry, who was a student of Professor Dwivedi.
Teachers and students of the Department of Ancient History and Archeology will miss Prof. DP Tiwari, a quintessential archaeologist, who changed the perception of excavation of ancient sites with his work on Kampilya, associated with Queen Mahabharata Draupadi. He also worked on numerous excavations with the Archaeological Survey of India and the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences, notably at ‘Kalli Pachchim’ in Lucknow. He also founded the Archaeological Museum of LU.
Likewise, Professor SK Jaiswal from the same department is known for his expertise in ancient Indian politics, administration and social, economic and religious life, in addition to the history of South India.
The Department of Psychology will aspire to Professor PC Mishra and Professor Pallavi Bhatnagar. “It is difficult to find a teacher like Professor Mishra, who was a master of all branches,” said the dean of academics, Professor Rakesh Chandra.
“The same goes for Professor Bhatnagar who has over 60 research papers and nine books to his credit,” he added. She was trained in mindfulness by Marsha M Linehan, a renowned American psychologist and creator of Dialectical Behavior Therapy.
LU’s botany department, known for bryology – the study of mosses and liverworts – had a strong group of bryologists like the late Professor Dinesh Kumar and (retired) Professor SC Srivastava. Now the last trained bryologist, Professor Geeta Asthana, has also retired.
“A handful of Indian universities teach bryology. Professor Asthana experienced bryology through his work, ”said Professor HoD Vivek Prasad.
The retirement of Professor Kirti Sinha, an expert in X-rays and spectroscopy, worried the physics department. “It is difficult to find experts in this field,” said Professor HoD Poonam Tandon.
The retirement of Professor Arif Ayyubi from the Persian Department took away the only Iranian and Central Asian studies expert LU had.
The retirement of Professor PS Tiwari, Professor Kalicharan Snehi and TP Rahi will be a loss for the Hindi department.
“Professor Tiwari is one of a handful of experts in Pali, Riti-Kaal, Tulsidas and Kabir in India. Professor Snehi popularized Hindi internationally and, along with Professor Rahi, was the backbone of ‘Dalit Vimarsh’, ”said Professor HoD YP Tiwari.
Professor DNNS Yadav, who has become a CBI detective, is very popular. “His areas of research were social and economic justice. He will be missed, ”said Dean of Law Professor CP Singh.
HoD, Chemistry, Professor Arun Sethi said: “Professor Naveen Khare’s retirement has weakened our team of carbohydrate experts.” Geology students will be missed by Professor KK Agarwal, an expert in structural and Himalayan geology.
The retirements of Professor Ram Sumer Yadav and Professor Aruna Shukla, experts in Sanskrit and Buddhist literature have created a crisis in the Sanskrit department.

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