Reviews | Omicron variant creates a lot of anxiety

Bret: Fair point. But I would still like to live in cities where people don’t feel free to smoke methamphetamine pipes next to Macy’s in broad daylight, homeless settlements don’t pop up under highway overpasses and drugstores n You don’t have to put toothpaste and other trivial items behind locked cabinets to prevent people from stealing them. In other words, not San Francisco. Liberals in particular should be for making cities livable, especially for their middle class residents.

Gaëlle: Speaking of quality of life, our colleagues have put together a very interesting quiz that you can take to determine where you are best suited to live. Mine came out with New York City in mind, and I’m very, very happy to be in my target city already. Almost anyone who enjoys diversity, live music, dining, and a car-free culture would be happy here. Assuming they already have a comfortable and affordable living space. Just this detail …

Anyway, I’m wondering if you took the test and where you came out of it.

Bret: The quiz didn’t seem to give me a chance to leave the country, what our family did when we moved to Hamburg after Trump’s election in 2016, and what we’ll do again if he comes back. in power in three years. Thinking of Taormina or Tel Aviv next time.

Gaëlle: Good planning ahead, but I’m going for the positivity.

Bret: Either way, according to the algorithm, San Diego is the perfect American city for me. Nice weather, lots of families, conservative inclines. But I’m not looking to leave my old farm anytime soon, and barring another Trumpocalypse, I’d be hard-pressed to live anywhere more than 100 miles from Times Square.

Gaëlle: If “farm just outside New York” was an option, you certainly could have gotten the majority of quiz participants.

Bret: Unfortunately, this comes with old farm problems. We have a poltergeist in the attic and a basement worthy of a “Silence of the Lambs” sequel.

Speaking of Times Square, it was the sad news that Stephen Sondheim passed away last week. Talk about genius! A friend of mine with an ear for the melody and a gift for the tongue sent me a song of “Merrily We Roll Along” that she thought was about our weekly chats:


But the thing that positively moves –


You could have fooled me –


Are we still old friends!

Nothing can kill old friends!


Where there is a will, old friends

You don’t need success to survive!


And us old friends

What to discuss, old friends?

Gaëlle: Love the way you think. To sing. Or in fact, both. This can be our Sondheim season.

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