Salman Rushdie’s ‘The Satanic Verses’ tops Amazon book sales

Some readers bought the book in solidarity with the Indian-born novelist

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Interest in Salman Rushdie’s controversial book peaked this week as satanic verses made its way to the top of Amazon’s bestseller chart after last week’s incident.

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The Satanic Verses’ discuss underlying themes identity, alienation, uprooting, brutality, compromise and conformity, according to author Muhammad Mashuq ibn Ally. However, according to the Iranian regime, the blasphemy lies in its reference to satanic Quranic verses, words of “satanic suggestions”.

Rushdie went into hiding for many years. The Iranian government subsequently withdrew from order, and Rushdie has lived relatively openly in recent years. Iranian organizations, however, collected a multi-million dollar bounty for Rushdie’s murder.

The attacker, 24 years old hadi matarhails from Yaroun, Lebanon, where Iran-backed Hezbollah enjoys strong support.

PEN America, a free speech group of which Rushdie is former president, said he was “in shock and horror” at what he called an unprecedented attack on a writer in the USA.

“Salman Rushdie was targeted for his lyrics for decades but never flinched or wavered,” PEN chief executive Suzanne Nossel said in the statement.

With additional reports from Reuters

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