Sevdaliza made her own femmenoid, reveals new track “The Great Hope Design”

Iranian-Dutch mathematician Sevdaliza makes uplifting, sometimes sensual and often scary music. On her latest single “The Great Hope Design” her voice is raw and deep as she sings “Eat my chair / Drink my blood / No man can guide me / I am my own God”. It is a bubbling and threatening track; the synth melody slides like a snake stalking its prey.

After the single was released, she announced her next EP Delusional dahlia, which is released on February 25 via its own label Twisted Elegance. “’The Great Hope Design’ is a concept song about the feasibility of everything in our existence, which can range from perceiving your own truth to the appearance of AI,” she explained. “In this song, I question the truth and play with a futuristic universe.”

“The Great Hope Design” isn’t the only captivating art Sevdaliza has worked on. Over the past two years, she has also built a real robot, a Femmenoid. Her name is Dahlia, and it was created “to convey the harsh truth about navigating the music industry as a woman who does not conform to an industry standard – sound, physical and mental.” Dahlia is the perfect artist, ”the press release read.

Listen to “The Great Hope Design” below and learn more about Dahlia here.

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