Singer Homayun Shajarian on tour in Canada with the Shiavosh Ensemble

TEHRAN – Singer Homayun Shajarian and Ensemble Siavosh will be in Canada in September to delight fans of Persian music with renditions of their memorable songs.

They will resume “Be Rang-e Seda” (“In Color of Voice”), a series of concerts given at the Grand Hall of the Interior Ministry in Tehran in July.

The concert tour will begin on September 2 at Meridian Hall in Toronto, which will also welcome the ensemble and their fans the following evening for two more performances. All shows are sold out.

The ensemble will be in Montreal on September 4 to perform at Théâtre Maisonneuve. They will give their next performance on September 5 at the Theater im Hafen in Montreal.

The band will leave town for Vancouver to play another concert at the Orpheum on September 10th.

The final leg of the concert tour will take place on September 11 at the Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary.

Shajarian will perform a repertoire of his songs and some memorable hits from his father at the concerts, which will be conducted by Arash Guran.

“Be Rang-e Seda” was so warmly received by Iranian audiences in Tehran that organizers extended the concerts for several days due to popular demand.

Earlier this month, on the occasion of the Swiss National Day, Shajarian received a letter of thanks from the Swiss Embassy in Tehran presented to him “for his outstanding contribution to the field of culture and art “.

Swiss Ambassador Nadine Olivieri Lozano, who attended performances of a Shajarian for “Be Rang-e Seda”, praised Iranian culture in her Instagram post: “My heart is filled with respect and gratitude to a culture that has been rooted for thousands of years in this beautiful country.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic in June 2020, Shajarian and Guran with the Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra recorded a video of the memorable Iranian song “Morghe Sahar” (“The Bird of Dawn”) in collaboration with a certain number of world-renowned musicians including German violist Tabea Zimmermann and German-Egyptian bassist Nabil Shehata.

The video was produced to encourage people to fight the virus during home quarantine.

Photo: Singer Homayun Shajarian performs with the Siavosh Ensemble in their “Be Rang-e Seda” concert at the Grand Hall of the Interior Ministry in Tehran on July 10, 2022. (Tasnim/Masud Shahrestani)


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