“Spring Flower” From Iran’s Sweet Story Collection Has Arrived

The collection of Iranian sweet stories which are published by Mehrak Publication, has reached its thirteenth book. The thirteenth book is called “Spring Flower” and it was rewritten from the book “Zahr al-Rubaye” by Majid Molla Mohammadi, a writer and poet for children and adolescents.

Earlier, another book from this collection, “Wonderland” by “Mohammad Ibn Mahmoud Hamedani, author of the 6th century AH, was also published. He collected strange stories that he read, heard or saw in the form of books and also rewrote them for children and teenagers.

Majid Mullah Mohammadi, editor-in-chief of the monthly Poopak, has already published 200 works in the field of poetry, stories, religious novels and research for children, adolescents and young people.

The “Spring Blossom” has 59 fun stories that have been rewritten in plain language for teens. “One of the strengths of the book is its humorous theme and it is one of the few funny old books from the Safavid era that would appeal to children,” says the author.

We had a conversation with Majid Molla Mohammadi about the book which you can read below:

What feature of the book prompted you to rewrite it?

This book is large and one of the ancient books written in Arabic in the 12th century AH. The author was a Shia scientist by the name of Seyyed Nematullah Jazayeri, who was born in the city of Shushtar in the province of Khuzestan. When he was young he went to Isfahan and became a student of Allameh Mohammad Baqer Majlisi, Allameh Feyz Kashani and several other scientists. During his precious life he trained many students and wrote many books.

It is said that he left about 35 books, which are in the fields of jurisprudence, hadith, Arabic literature, etc. “Zahr al-Rubaye” is one such book, and you can also find books on moral and religious anecdotes, Arabic proverbs, stories from the lives of prophets and imams.

Why did you choose to rewrite this book?
The Surah Mehr children’s group, led by Hussein Fattahi, intended to rewrite several ancient texts for children and teenagers, so I and a group of writers were invited and presented some ancient texts to be rewritten , and I chose “Qaboosnameh” and “Zahr al-Rubaye” to recreate. I first wrote the “Qaboosnameh” and then “Zahr al-Rabi” in three months, and it took several years to be published .

What about Zahr al-Rubaye suited teenagers?

First of all, I chose this book for its humorous theme. Ancient Iranian texts such as poetry and fiction are perfect and our literature is full of great Persian poetry and prose and thousands of sweet anecdotes like “Masnavi” and “Bustan” from “Saadi Shirazi”.

With the experience of writing Qaboosname, are teenagers interested in ancient texts?

I think Iranian children will be very interested in ancient books and their history if our authors recreate them in simple and attractive language.

Did you rewrite the entire Zahr al-Rubaye?

No, only some of them have been recreated. Not all were suitable for teenagers.

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