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I will never forget the times (first – 42 years ago) I spent in the delivery room with my wife when my children were born.

My wife’s doctor was kind enough to allow me to film the birth of my children. Nowhere was the world as contentious as it is today.

There is something very special about being able to watch yourself being born and that is what my oldest son can do today, some 42 years later.

Watching your child born is something very special.

Seeing this first breath being taken out of the womb, hear this cry of life and know that together you and your wife, with the help of God, have created something extremely precious and it takes your breath away .

This is, among many others, one of the main reasons why the word abortion is so loathsome and, in my opinion, criminal to me.

With the exception of rare extreme reasons which may include the potential death of the mother during childbirth, there are few justifiable reasons for the abortion of a live fetus / child.

The reasoning for allowing such disgusting behavior in society stems from a distorted form of human reasoning that you believe that a child with a heartbeat and the ability to move around in a mother’s womb is something. less than human.

Therefore, she has the right to kill him.

Certainly, there are people in political and legal positions who will argue on this point, but then, they wouldn’t be here if their mothers had been able to abort them years before, so their argument wouldn’t even exist – as they weren’t. neither would.

The governor of Guam has spent our taxes and even went so far as to put someone, Jayne Flores, with the responsibility of finding an abortion doctor in Guam to kill more babies. Today, the United States Civil Liberties Union has even stepped into the fray to help kill more babies.

All this while Guam lacks a medical examiner to help our community face the responsibility of addressing the reasons why so many more may have died from natural and other, more criminal reasons.

The latest was the horrific beheading of a man in a wheelchair in Santa Rita whose head was reportedly found in Dededo.

Was this man dead before he was beheaded or after? Only a certified forensic pathologist can make this much needed decision. This in turn will lead to the course of the criminal case in which the accused perpetrator was allegedly involved.

How many more homicides have still not been solved due to the lack of a certified forensic pathologist? How many assassins are left at large for lack of ME for Guam?

How much time and effort is put into making our island a certified medical examiner rather than rummaging around and working with strangers to facilitate the killing of babies?

I strongly support those members of the Legislature who will not bow to the horrific behavior of killing babies in the name of women’s rights.

Children, who have not yet been born, also have rights which include the right to life, liberty and the continuation of the life that awaits them.

Senators, hold on!

Residents, remain vigilant and hold your public officials accountable for their behavior. My belief is that God certainly will.


Lee P. Webber is a former president and editor of media organizations in Guam and Hawaii, former director of operations for USA Today International / Asia, and a longtime business and civic leader in Guam.

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